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Tiger Punch, September 30, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the Chinese Football Association said that Guoan player Zhang Xizhe is heavily relied on by the national football coaching staff, but because Zhang Xizhe suffered a calf strain and needs to recover first. Finally decided not to recruit him into the team temporarily.

据《北京青年报》 9月30日报道,中国足球协会的老虎·庞克说,国安队教练张国哲在很大程度上依赖国安队球员张熙哲,但是由于张熙哲小腿劳损,需要先康复。最终决定暂时不招募他。

After the Chinese Football Association announced the new Shanghai National Football Training List on September 29, the "exit and entry" of some players in the national football lineup caused concern and even controversy. The reporter learned from the relevant person of the Chinese Football Association on the 30th that Zhang Xizhe lost the election and that Yu Dabao, Hao Junmin and Wei Shihao were selected for a reason. The national football coaching staff headed by Li Tie and the Chinese Football Association National Team Management Department made a lot of preparations before delineating the current training list, and communicated with all the selected players and candidate players separately. The coaching staff recruits the international team, on the one hand, it must combine the needs of the national team to prepare for the World Cup, on the other hand, it must also combine the actual situation to protect the players.


Regarding the national football roster, one of the biggest controversies from the outside world is the loss of Zhang Xizhe, who represented Beijing Zhonghe Guoan in the Chinese Super League this season. And because of the low attendance rate in the second half of the first stage of the Super League, the selection of Yu Dabao, Wei Shihao, Hao Junmin and others also caused doubts.


The relevant person of the Football Association said that the national team coaching staff and the Chinese Football Association national team management department will implement a lot of preparations before the new training session. One of the important contents is to have a comprehensive understanding of the various situations of the candidate nationals. In addition to observing players' abilities and status through the game, the coaching staff will also further understand the physical health of the players over a period of time. The player will not be recruited until it is confirmed that the player's physical condition is competent for the next national team training (match).


Take Zhang Xizhe as an example. This technical midfielder has been one of the most important benchmark players since Li Tie took over. It is understood that Li Tie gave full recognition to Zhang Xizhe's overall performance in the first stage of the Super League this season. But in the process of communicating with the players, the coaching staff learned that Zhang Xizhe had suffered a calf strain before, and the player himself was worried that the injury would worsen, so he intended to take advantage of the league's intermittent rest period. Taking into account that there is no match scheduled for this training session, and that Zhang Xizhe's comprehensive ability does not need to be investigated, the national football coaching staff finally decided not to recruit him for the time being.


Hao Junmin's situation is different from that of Zhang Xizhe. Prior to this, he missed many Super League games due to injury, the Chinese Football Association and the national team coaching staff intended to protect him, originally planned not to recruit him into the team. But whether in the club or the national team, as the team's first captain, Hao Junmin, his professional attitude and dedication are outstanding. In the process of communicating with the coaching staff and management of the national team, he himself insisted on training in the national team, and his attitude also moved Li Tie.


After Wei Shihao represented Evergrande in the fifth round of the Chinese Super League against the Jianye team and scored twice, he missed the rest of the first stage due to a thigh strain. Under the careful protection of the club, Wei Shihao is recovering well. By the end of the first stage of the Super League, his injuries had recovered. After fully understanding his physical condition, the national team coaching staff decided to recruit him. It is reported that Wei Shihao himself has shown a positive attitude towards being elected to the national team again. After returning to Guangzhou with the Evergrande team at the end of the first stage of the Super League, Wei Shihao did not enjoy the vacation, but seized the time to practice on his own.


Although Yu Dabao's appearance rate in Guo'an was not high in the second half of the first stage, as one of the few veterans of active international players who have participated in many world preliminaries, his role in the team is highly valued by Li Tie. At present, Yu Dabao is one of the three captains of the National Football Team in addition to Hao Junmin and Zhang Linpeng. Although Li Tie paid attention to "blood renewal" in the process of building the team, he also knew how important the veteran's experience in the competition is as an asset to a team that hit the World Cup. In addition, Yu Dabao is currently in good physical condition, and Li Tie naturally believes that he can play an active role in the team.

尽管于大宝在第一阶段的后半段在国安的出场率并不高,但作为参加过许多国际预赛的为数不多的活跃国际球员中的老将之一,李铁在团队中的作用受到高度评价。 。目前,除郝俊民和张林鹏外,于大宝是国家足球队的三名队长之一。尽管李铁在团队建设过程中一直关注“血液更新”,但他也知道退伍军人在OG真人厅比赛中的经历对于一支闯入世界杯的球队至关重要。此外,于大宝目前身体状况良好,李铁自然认为自己可以在团队中发挥积极作用。

According to the plan, this training session will last for 6 days before and after. However, due to the epidemic, the team will not participate in the official warm-up match during the training camp. Considering that the players have just gone through a long and closed first stage of the Super League schedule, they are generally exhausted. Therefore, in arranging the training content, the coaching staff not only pays attention to the combination of work and rest, but also the scientific combination of theory and practice. It is reported that individual players selected for the current national football training squad went to the hospital for a physical examination on the 30th to confirm whether they could not meet the training requirements due to injuries caused by the last round of the league. The national team coach and management team will determine whether it is necessary to select players from the alternate players based on the physical examination reports of these players.


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