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OG真人厅_哈维尔不会改变建业长期防反思路 舒尼奇提升战术

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   When they arrived at the hotel in the Dalian Division, all the players and coaches were there. Compared with the personnel situation in the first stage, the team finally concentrated on solving the injury problems during the short preparation period in the past. Starting from the second half of the first stage, at the request of coach Javier Pereira, many players with injuries and fatigue did not play in the league. Instead, they spent more time on rest and recovery. At that time, the coaching staff was "forced" to give many young players the opportunity to play.

当他们到达大连分部的酒店时,所有的球员和教练都在那里。与第一阶段的人员情况相比,该团队最终集中精力解决了过去较短准备阶段的伤害问题。从第一阶段的后半段开始,应教练哈维尔·佩雷拉(Javier Pereira)的要求,许多受伤和疲劳的球员没有参加og真人电子网站联赛。相反,他们在休息和恢复上花费了更多时间。当时,教练组被“强迫”给许多年轻球员比赛的机会。

   During the intermittent period that has just passed, the Havel team has done a lot of work. His most intuitive feeling is that compared with when he was a teaching assistant, he always felt that there was not enough time.


For Havel, first of all, he should help the team rebuild confidence, let the players forget the encounters and blows in the first stage, and put all their energy into the next game; secondly, he should match up in batches. The players sorted out. In the first week of the recovery period, the injured players were fully recovering. Javier did not allow them to participate in the training. In the process, he also did the physical training and technical and tactical concepts. Important planning.


   Of course, the important thing is to supplement personnel. In terms of domestic players, Javier first focused on the excavation of reserve players.


   As we all know, in the early days of the league, many experienced players were sent to the reserve team. After Javier took over the team, he first inspected these players and he promoted Luo Xin to the first team. In an interview, Havel revealed that when he was coaching in Chongqing before, he was familiar with all aspects of Luo Xin (at the time in Renhe) and thought he could help the team. On October 2nd, the day before the team officially started training, Javier called Luo Xin back to the team alone and conducted special one-on-one coaching training for him, hoping to help him quickly get back to his state and keep up with the next training Rhythm.

众所周知,在联盟成立之初,许多经验丰富的球员就被派到了预备队。哈维尔接手球队之后,他首先检查了这些球员,并将罗欣提升为第一阵容。在接受采访时,哈维尔透露,在他之前在重庆执教时,他对罗欣(当时在仁和)的各个方面都很熟悉,并认为他可以帮助球队。 10月2日,即球队正式开始训练的前一天,哈维尔将罗欣召回了球队,并为他进行了专门的一对一教练训练,希望能帮助他迅速回到自己的状态并保持与时俱进。下次训练节奏。

In addition, the club also introduced a foreign defender. They rented Shunich from Guoan. The purpose of introducing Shunich is very simple. In the first stage, Jianye conceded the most goals among all teams. Unexpectedly. After Shunich arrived, the team withdrew the registration of Korean Jin Chenghuan, and the formation of troops on the back line also increased more possibilities.


Judging from the recent training, the Jianye team after Havel took over should not change the long-standing anti-reflection path. Although the four-backs have practiced, they still make a fuss on the five-back system, that is, the three-back. . Wang Shangyuan is still the core of the three central defenders. Although Luo Xin can also play right-wing defenders, Javier prefers to put it in the middle. It is worth mentioning that in the late stage of the first stage, the young player Niu Ziyi's ability on the wing was recognized by Havel, and he often appeared in the main lineup during the preparation period.

从最近的训练来看,哈维尔接任后的建业团队不应该改变长期存在的抗反射路径。尽管四后卫已经练习过,但他们仍然对五后卫系统(即三后卫)大惊小怪。 。王尚元仍然是三名中央后卫的核心。尽管罗欣也可以打右翼后卫,但哈维尔更喜欢将其放在中间。值得一提的是,在第一阶段的后期,年轻球员牛子怡的侧翼能力得到了哈维尔的认可,在准备阶段他经常出现在主力阵容中。

   After arriving in Dalian, Wang Shangyuan was interviewed and talked about his feelings about Havel.


"The new head coach works very hard, and his technical and tactical preparations are particularly meticulous, including the organization of the team, technical and tactical aspects. Although the time for the team is relatively short, it still brings a lot of new things." Wang Shangyuan said, he hopes that the team will reduce Mistakes, "According to the head coach's request, strive to complete the relegation early."

“新任总教练工作非常努力,他的技术和战术准备特别细致,包括团队的组织,技术和战术方面。尽管团队的时间相对较短,但仍然带来了很多新事物。 ”王尚元说,他希望车队减少失误,“根据主教练的要求,力争早日降级。”

Regarding the cruelty of the game, Wang Shangyuan is very clear, "Every match in the relegation group is very important. It is a real game with a real sword and a bayonet. For us, we are based on defense and hope to change the loss of the first stage Too many problems. On the defensive side, I hope everyone will work together to increase their attention and work together to do better defense in the second stage."


Shunich, who is on loan, is likely to partner with him. Wang Shangyuan believes that Shunich’s ability is okay. “Before he was also a player of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team. Through training, his ability is still very strong. The defense brings hardness and helps the team reduce conceded goals."

租借的Shunich可能会与他合伙。王尚元认为,舒尼希的能力还可以。 “在他也是波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那国家队的球员之前。通过训练,他的能力仍然很强。防守提高了硬度,帮助球队减少了失球。”

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