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Recently, Ajax forward Tadic once again recalled the Champions League journey last season in an interview. He believed that if Ajax could reach the Champions League final, he would be able to beat Liverpool to win the championship, and said that the Champions League final last season was One of the worst in history. Obviously, the Serb is still worried about the semi-finals of last season's Champions League team, so is his remarks really angry or facts?


If you evaluate the excitement of a game from the most intuitive point of view, the core criteria are viewing and topicality. The spectability is specifically whether the game is played well or not. The reference standards include the number of goals, the rhythm of the game, and the intensity of the fight between the two sides. The topicality is whether a series of specific events that occurred before and after the game can cause media effects and heated discussions among fans, such as a wonderful world wave, a controversial red card, and some plot turns. These elements will be magnified in particular in the finals.


Generally speaking, a wonderful final should be both ornamental and topical, but there are also games that are full of ornamental but not topical. For example, in the 25th round of the 2015-16 Bundesliga, Dortmund vs. Bayern In the game, the two sides are extremely fierce, but the final score is 0:0, which will make it difficult for future generations to remember this game. In addition, there are many games that are not enough to watch but are full of topics. For example, in the 10th round of the 2013-14 Premier League, Stoke City played against Southampton at home. This game has little value to watch, but because of the fact that it played for Stoke at the time. The goalkeeper Begovic of the city of Kerr made a big foot inadvertently shortly after the opening, and completed a 90-meter Guinness World Record longest goal, which made this game ever recorded in history.


Closer to home, if you look at the match between Tottenham and Liverpool from these two perspectives, then first of all, the viewing of the Champions League final is obviously not enough. Although in terms of the number of goals, 2 goals in the game are not too small, but one of the two goals was a penalty kick shortly after the opening, and the other was at the end of the game, that is, the middle goal. Most of the time, both sides did nothing, and the offensive efficiency of both sides was very low, and a large number of passing errors destroyed the continuity of the game. More importantly, the Red Army, which took the lead in the opening game, did not reverse Barcelona's offensive in the semifinals, but chose to shrink the defense throughout the game. Liverpool's possession rate of the entire game was less than 40%, and the number of shots was equal. The number of shots lags behind Tottenham. Especially in the second half, Arison made an amazing 8 saves. The best player in this game was Van Dyke, who was also a defensive player. The best player in the game was Maldini in the Serie A civil war between Juventus VS Milan in the 2002-03 season 16 years ago, and the score of that game was 0:0 and finally won by a penalty kick. (Question: Why didn't Ramos count in the 2015-16 season? Answer: His task is to score goals) The best defensive player can intuitively feel how bad the offense in this game is.

言归正传,如果您从这两个角度来看托特纳姆热刺和利物浦之间的比赛,那么首先,观看冠军联赛决赛显然是不够的。尽管就进球数而言,比赛中的2个进球并不太小,但两个进球之一是开场后不久的点球,另一个进球是比赛结束时,即中段目标。大多数情况下,双方什么都不做,双方的进攻效率很低,大量传球失误破坏了比赛的连续性。更重要的是,在首场比赛中处于领先地位的红军并未在半决赛中扭转巴塞罗那的进攻,而是选择在整个比赛中缩小防守。利物浦整个比赛的控球率不足40%,射门次数相同。射门次数落后于热刺。特别是在下半场,阿里森(Arison)惊人地保存了8次。这场比赛中最好的球员是范戴克,他也是防守球员。这场比赛中最好的球员是16年前的2002-03赛季尤文图斯与米兰之间的意甲内战中的马尔蒂尼,那场比赛的比分是0:0,最终以点球大战获胜。 (问题:为什么拉莫斯在2015-16赛季不算数?答案:他的任务是进球)最好的防守球员可以直观地感觉到这场比赛的进攻有多糟糕。

However, despite the terrible viewing of this game, the topicality is sufficient.


First of all, looking at the pre-match, apart from recreating the Premier League civil war 11 years ago, it can attract enough Premier League fans to watch. Both teams have experienced a reversal in the semi-finals. Tottenham scored 0-3. In the last moment of the situation, Lucas Jr. completed a hat-trick and staged a countdown lore, and Liverpool also completed a 4-ball reversal that can be recorded in the annals of history with 3 goals behind in the first round. The two teams experienced both ornamental After the exciting and topical semi-finals, naturally many people will look forward to this Premier League civil war.

首先,着眼于比赛前,除了重现11年前的英超内战外,它还可以吸引足够的英超球迷观看。两支球队都在半决赛中经历了逆转。热刺拿下0-3。在局势的最后时刻,小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)完成了一次帽子戏法,上演了倒计时绝杀,利物浦(Liverpool)也完成了4球逆转,这可以记录在历史记录中,第一轮落后3个进球。这两支球队都经历了观赏性的比赛。经过激动人心的半决赛之后,自然会有很多人期待这场英超内战。

Secondly, this is the second consecutive year that Klopp has led the team and the third time in his life to play in the Champions League final. In addition to losing the Bundesliga civil war with Bayern when coaching Dortmund in 2013, he also lost twice during Liverpool's coaching. The finals were the 2015-16 UEFA Europa League final loss to Sevilla and the 2017-18 season loss to Real Madrid, and this time the focus will be on the Germans' "European War runner-up". In the end, Klopp not only defeated his own "destiny", but also helped the Red Army return to the top of Europe after a lapse of 14 years, giving this game a special historical significance.


Furthermore, from the content of the game, although the offense is lackluster, as mentioned above, several defending generals of the Red Army played perfectly, and Van Dijk’s winning of the best in the game is a milestone, so he naturally won It was UEFA’s Player of the Year and the first defender to win the award since it was opened in 2011. The Dutchman wrote his own history in this boring game.

此外,从比赛的内容来看,尽管进攻端表现平平,但如上所述,红军的几名保卫将军表现出色,范·迪克(Van Dijk)赢得了比赛中的最好成绩是一个里程碑,因此他自然赢得了欧足联的年度最佳球员,也是自2011年获奖以来第一位获得此奖项的后卫。这位荷兰人在这场无聊的比赛中写下了自己的历史。

Finally, there is another stalk that is not so important but has become a hot topic in football in the future, that is, "feng shui forward" Origi showed his "koi" attributes here. He hardly got too many opportunities in the first half of the season. The Belgian broke out in the second half of the season, scoring the Red Army in key matches one after another, including two goals to reverse Barcelona and the second goal in the final to seal the victory.

最后,还有另一根不太重要的球杆,但它已成为未来足球中的热门话题,即“风水前进” Origi在这里展示了他的“锦鲤”属性。在上半赛季他几乎没有获得太多机会。比利时人在本赛季的下半场爆发,在关键的比赛中一次又一次得分红军,其中包括两个进球来逆转巴塞罗那,第二个进球来终结胜利。

Of course, these topics are more


Although many fans complained that the game was not exciting, it implies that he became a viewer of the game and contributed a base to the ratings of this game. Contrast with the controversial viewing of this game is the high ratings. According to data published by BT Sports, which holds the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in the UK, the game was watched by 11.3 million people, a record since its establishment in 2013. The record for the most viewers is nearly 3 million more than the 8.5 million viewers of Liverpool's match against Real Madrid last year. It is conceivable that this game is enough to make broadcasters and organizers earn a lot of money.


As the darling of the spectators in recent years, Klopp’s Red Army has always been the main "drainage" of the Premier League. Liverpool’s game has been the most broadcasted team in the Premier League in recent years. The Croatian Red Army has a high position and fast-paced offensive football The style is very popular with audiences from all over the world. At the end of last year, Sky Sports announced the five most watched Premier League games in history. The Croatian Red Army accounted for two games, and in 2019, they beat Manchester City and Manchester City 3-1 at home. The away 1-1 draw with Manchester United was watched by 3.35 million and 3.28 million people respectively. Even the club World Cup final (Liverpool VS Flamengo), which was slightly tasteless at the end of last year, was watched by 6.6 million people. Liverpool's ability to attract traffic, the Red Army games is indeed a major guarantee for the current European football ratings.


And Tottenham is not much better. Although their results in the past two seasons are not satisfactory, Tottenham have their traffic responsibility-Asian king Sun Xingmin, the Koreans have both under Pochettino and Mourinho. The excellent performance is one of the most indispensable players of this North London team and one of the few highlights of Tottenham in the Champions League final. His attack on the left made Arnold embarrassed. Sun Xingmin is not just a national idol that South Korea is chasing. His low-key and humble character and superb skills have made him extremely popular in East Asia. At present, no Asian player can match this popular fried chicken. The king of Korea can Brought a large number of Asian audiences to this Champions League final.


The combination of the two created the Champions League final, which broke the audience record. Football is a commercial sport after all, especially club competitions are profit-oriented. Therefore, such high ratings are as small as players and as large as players. The team, broadcasters and UEFA have created huge wealth, and this is also a successful Champions League final in terms of revenue generation alone.


In summary, last year's UEFA Champions League final, although the level of excitement is indeed lacking compared with the finals of previous years, it is still a successful European football event under the background of commercialization.


So now we come back to Tadic, who thought this game was "one of the worst in history". Why did the Ajax forward make such remarks?


First of all, it was natural that he failed to get out of the haze of last year's Champions League semifinal defeat. After the birth of the Bosman Act, the Eredivisie teams almost lost their ability to compete with the five major leagues, and it is not easy to reach the semi-finals. And they eliminated Real Madrid and Juventus, both of which were favorites in the quarter-finals and the quarter-finals, and advanced to the situation when they defeated their opponents 1-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals and scored an away goal. It was great. In addition to returning to the home court, the first half also made a 2-0 start, but Tottenham, who was almost in desperation, did not give up the game. In the second half, the situation changed suddenly and Lucas Jr. scored three goals in a row. Completed the countdown lore in the 96th minute. Missing such a good game will inevitably make the Ajax forward uncomfortable. "The reversal by Tottenham is the toughest game of my career. It took me a long time to come out of the shadow of defeat... …We won the first game 1-0, we led 2-0 in the half, and we almost reached the final", the Serbian can still feel his unwillingness in the memory of the line.

首先,自然而然,他没有摆脱去年冠军联赛半决赛失败的阴霾。 《博斯曼法案》(Bosman Act)诞生后,埃雷迪维西(Eredivisie)球队几乎失去了与五个大联盟竞争的能力,进入半决赛并不容易。然后他们淘汰了皇马和尤文图斯,他们在四分之一决赛和四分之一决赛中都是最爱,当他们在半决赛的第一回合以1-0击败对手并进一球时,他们进入了局面目标。太好了。除了回到主场之外,上半场还以2-0开局,但是几乎绝望的热刺没有放弃比赛。下半场,情况突然发生变化,小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)连续打进3个进球。在第96分钟内完成了倒计时传闻。错过如此出色的比赛将不可避免地使阿贾克斯前锋感到不舒服。 “托特纳姆热刺的逆转是我职业生涯中最艰难的一场比赛。我花了很长时间才摆脱失败的阴影………我们以1-0赢得了第一场比赛,半场以2-0领先,我们快要进入决赛了”,塞尔维亚人仍然可以怀念​​他的不情愿。

Secondly, it is very important that perhaps all Ajax players know in their hearts that such an opportunity cannot be replicated in a few years, because the transfer of several core players in the team in the summer is almost a foregone conclusion. For example, the core midfielder De Jong has reached a transfer agreement with Barcelona in early 2019 and announced the summer transfer in advance. The captain Dericht was also favored by many giants at the time, and the possibility of staying on the team in the new season is almost zero. So this season is the last season of this youth guard lineup. Even if Jia Fu can get a huge transfer fee from it, it is difficult to train players of the same level in a short time, and the competitiveness of the Eredivisie also determines the face The top players also have huge sums of money and nowhere to display. Ajax, who lost many of the main players this season, finally failed to qualify for the Champions League group, and was ranked third in the group with a difference of 1 point.

其次,很重要的一点是,也许所有Ajax球员都心中都知道,这样的机会在几年之内是无法复制的,因为在夏天,团队中几名核心球员的调动几乎已经成定局。例如,核心中场球员德容(De Jong)已于2019年初与巴塞罗那达成转会协议,并提前宣布夏季转会。当时的德里奇队长也受到了许多巨人的青睐,而在新赛季留在队中的可能性几乎为零。所以这个赛季是这支青年后卫阵容的最后一个赛季。即使贾富可以从中获得巨额转会费,也很难在短时间内训练同等水平的球员,而埃雷迪维西的竞争力也决定了他的面子。顶尖球员也有巨额资金,无处可逃显示。阿贾克斯本赛季失去了许多主要球员,但最终未能晋级欧冠小组赛,并以1分的差距排名小组第三。

As for Tadic, who is already 31 years old, even if this Dutch “star factory” can reshape the Young Guards again, the Serbs by then may not be as brave as they are now, and they were Serbians last season. At the best time, he scored 39 goals and 23 assists throughout the 2018-19 season, and it will be difficult to maintain this level afterwards. The Ukrainian coach Shevchenko sighed when Milan won the Big Ears Cup during his time as a player, "A Ukrainian can never win the World Cup. The Champions League is my World Cup." Perhaps Tadic and Sheva have the same mood, but he does not have the opportunity to win the Big Ear Cup like his predecessors in football. Tadic’s mood is believed to be understood by the fans who support him, and there is no need to be right here. He is excessively sarcasm and harsh.


The Champions League final last season, although it lacks a certain degree of appreciation, whether in historical significance or market value, although it is difficult to not be as popular and popular as the Champions League finals in previous years, it is still a game that will be remembered by future generations. Important game. Tadic's statement does have obvious personal feelings and cannot truthfully reflect the true historical positioning of this game.

上赛季的冠军联赛决赛,尽管在历史意义或市场价值上都缺乏一定程度的赞赏,尽管很难像前几年的冠军联赛那样不受欢迎,但仍然是一场比赛将为后代所铭记。重要的游戏。 Tadic的声明确实具有明显的个人感觉,不能如实反映该游戏的真实历史定位。

Finally, it is still worth mentioning that due to the rapid spread of new crown pneumonia in Europe, UEFA also temporarily suspended the rest of the season. The follow-up control of the epidemic is still unclear, plus there will be Europe to be determined later. Cup, what the fate of the Champions League this season will be, no one can tell at present, we need to cherish every game even more, and go through a period of time that may not be accompanied by football in the future!


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