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OG真人厅-李楠:中国年轻球员满足感比较强 竞争意识欠缺

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  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 14th. Starting from the beginning and starting again-an interview with Li Nan, the coach of Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team




   "I haven't coached in the club, this seems to be a topic that everyone talks about." Talking about the doubts about himself after the men's basketball World Cup defeat, Li Nan said. He is now the head coach of the CBA Jiangsu Kendia team.


The Jiangsu team under Li Nan’s rule is only 22 years old excluding foreign aid. Only a few people such as Wu Guanxi and Shi Hongfei are well-known in the CBA. Choosing such a youth army to regain the leadership of the coach is expected to prove themselves. For Li Nan, it is an adventure as well as an opportunity.




With Kendia’s official announcement of Li Nan as the team’s consultant in May this year, the former national team coach returned to people’s vision. Less than three months later, Li Nan moved from behind the scenes to the foreground and officially became the team’s owner. coach.


"As a coach, you can't leave the team anyway. I hope that through my own efforts, this team can make a big change. After coming down from the national team, I have also done some reviews and reflections, summing up the peace in coaching. After the loss, a platform is needed to reconfirm this thing. I hope that through the experience of coaching at the grassroots level, I can show the direction of the team's development that I understand, and may have more time to build such a team than in the national team." Li Nan Say.


   After thinking back to the World Cup, Li Nan admitted frankly that there was a period of "sorrowful days immersed in the loss of the game." When the Chinese Basketball Association announced a coaching change in October last year, Li Nan publicly apologized through social media when he left office, saying that the Chinese men's basketball team failed to complete the expected goal and he should bear the main responsibility.


From the perspective of coaching ability, Li Nan believes that the World Cup defeat highlights his lack of experience. "Experience is ability. The accumulation of games is too small. This is the main one. I think the accumulation of high-level coaching games is still less. When I was ( In the past three years, the head coach of the national team has actually not played too much in the real intercontinental competition, because he only participated in an Asian Games and was limited to Asia."

从教练能力的角度来看,李楠认为,世界杯失利凸显了他缺乏经验。 “经验就是能力。比赛的积累太少了。这是主要的。我认为高水平教练比赛的积累还少。当我(过去三年,国家队的主教练实际上他在真正的洲际比赛中没有发挥太多,因为他只参加了亚运会,而且仅限于亚洲。”

"When I came to Jiangsu, I really felt like starting from scratch. In China, it actually took about 23 or 4 years from playing to coaching, but I actually coached this kind of high-level game personally, or this kind of very There are still fewer close matches. I think we should start over again and improve these experiences in the club so that we can accumulate more experience."


Suspension and substitutions are the most concentrated questioning of Li Nan during the World Cup. Li Nan said that experience and lessons need to be summarized, but at the same time, he also needs to watch the problem. He said: "Pause, substitution, I think every coach, including As I mentioned earlier, each coach has his own habits and style. As for me, if you didn’t change at that moment, you can’t just say that I want to change, right?"


"I think there were actually enough people in the rotating lineup at the time. No team could play with 12 people, and you wouldn't see it in the World Cup. I don't think it would be possible to use him if possible. , Because the ball has been played now. If it weren’t for the (Poland) game, those tens of seconds might be another way of saying. We are preparing for the game against Poland. In fact, the strategy is still good. This is the situation behind. So you actually have to look at this thing more objectively. Of course, you can’t do everything that the outside world expects. In the end, the outside world is actually questioning you because in the end he It depends on the result."




   More than two years of national team coaching career, after a World Cup competition, Li Nan believes that the Chinese men’s basketball team has two major problems at this stage: the team lacks tough training and the players’ personal ability is insufficient.


   When coaching the Red Team, Li Nan led the team to participate in the NBA Summer League in the summer to prepare for the Jakarta Asian Games. In the history of the Chinese men's basketball team, this kind of high-quality overseas training is not common.


"With Europe or the stronger American team, we still play too little, and we only play a few games a year. These warm-up matches in China, because fighting at home does not feel the same, we actually need more. Go to participate in this kind of (NBA) summer league, including those in Europe, such as the Four Nations, Six Nations, and play abroad or in Europe. The ideal state is: You practice for three weeks, four weeks, and then play three games , Four games, and then practice, but there are many practical difficulties, we can not do this." Li Nan said.


   High-level matches are played less, and the players will inevitably lose their chains in international competitions, but in the final analysis, Li Nan feels that insufficient personal ability is the source of the problem.


"I think the Chinese team must have a normal and stable performance to play at the level of the World Cup. Like the United Arab Emirates for so many years in the national team, he is a relatively stable performance, and the difference is not too bad. The team members feel that stability is not enough. I think it has something to do with personal ability. Ability is experience. If you have strong ability, you can definitely handle everything."


"We used to jokingly called'bring your own system'. For example, James, he brought his own system, and that's the system where he went. We don't have people like Wims like Wimes in the CBA Finals, including Jeremy Lin. . I think we still have to take the path of team basketball, but how do you go? What style do you build on? First of all, the style of your team is the characteristics of your players. For the moment Chinese basketball, I think our tradition The ball is indeed a weakness, including this type of absolute speed breakthrough, which we used to call the "sharp knife", and the "sharp knife" is indeed a bit less." Li Nan said.

“我们曾经开玩笑地称自己为“自带系统”。例如,詹姆斯,他带来了自己的系统,这就是他去的系统。在CBA总决赛中,没有像Wimes这样的Wims人,包括林书豪(Jeremy Lin)我认为我们仍然必须走球队篮球的道路,但是你要怎么走呢?你建立什么样的风格呢?首先,球队的风格是球员的特征。我认为我们的传统球确实是一个弱点,包括这种类型的绝对速度突破,我们过去将其称为“锋利的刀”,而“锋利的刀”的确少了一点。”李楠说。

  How to improve personal ability? Li Nan believes that the key lies in whether players have higher requirements for themselves.



   Like coaching the Chinese men's basketball team, Li Nan's most important task in Jiangsu is to train new players. Jiangsu has undergone a major change of blood this season. Li Lutong, Tong Xin, Guo Yuzhou, and Liu Jinting were promoted from the youth team. Together with Zheng Qilong from the draft, the team is in the waiting stage.


Li Nan said: "Our team is basically all young people, so there may be one or two'older', so there may be some (young people) who are going to start. Some people will definitely take up more games. Time, so you said it’s good to play, but the actual situation of our team now is like this,"


   On the training ground of the Jiangsu Men's Basketball Team, there is a spirit of disobedience among young people, but in technical aspects such as tactics, Li Nan often scratches his head. It takes time to grow. Li Nan will make demands during this process, but he will not be too demanding.


"We must have rules on the training ground, including on the court. Within my rules, we want him to be able to play freely. I don't want to make every requirement particularly harsh. Ball events, especially basketball, , Especially when there are many young players, we hope that they can be in a relatively relaxed environment, can not say enjoy, we have some basic requirements, you must meet. As for what mistakes can be made, what can not be made, We will explain this to him clearly."


"The children nowadays, I think they practice less. Their experience in school, at home, and before playing football is different from ours at that time, because the entire social environment is like this, so how do we do it on this basis? Good? We hope to increase the training time and strive to make up for it. Second, cultivate his spirit of enduring hardships and never give up when encountering setbacks. We hope to train and exercise them through training and normal management." Li Nan said.


   Li Nan’s 18-year-old son, Li Lutong, is a star of hope with outstanding physical talents. On the training ground, Li Nan obviously had stricter requirements on him. He said: "I have been telling him,'I have such a good body like you. In the era when we played, there was no dislike for coaches. If you can't play, you are wasting your talent.' Or I hope he can reach the upper limit of his talent through hard work."

李楠18岁的儿子李璐彤(Li Lutong)是一位希望之星,拥有出色的体育才能。在训练场上,李楠显然对他有更严格的要求。他说:“我一直在告诉他,'我有一个像你这样的好身体。在我们踢球的时代,对教练没有什么不喜欢的。如果不能踢球,那是在浪费你的才华。”或者我希望他能通过努力达到自己的才能的最高境界。”

   In the farewell speech when he left the national team, Li Nan quoted a famous saying from "The Doctrine of the Mean": Traveling far to be self-reliant, climbing high and low self-esteem, implying that if you want to reach the lofty goal, you have to take one step at a time. In the past, Li Nan once boarded the position of the national team coach and looked far away. Now returning to the foot of the mountain, he will set off again with his son and the young Jiangsu Kendia men's basketball team.


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