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There have been too many texts and reports to record the glory of deep professional football, but have you noticed: The legend of God of War began in 2009-from the establishment of the team in 1995 to the beginning of 2009, there was a gap of nearly 15 years.


No one knows who in these 15 years of blank space, who have kept their dreams, gave up what they should have enjoyed, and what uncomfortable stories have happened—maybe this is this one The meaning of the article.


Today’s story, let us set off again and re-enter the thorny road that the Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College football team traversed back then!


Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College is a college-level full-time general college established by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government of Guangdong in 1993. It is one of the first institutions in China to independently hold higher vocational and technical education. In 2009, it became the first batch of national exemplary higher vocational colleges, and in 2017 it became a national demonstration college for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. Shenzhen Vocational College can be described as the "Tsinghua University" in higher vocational colleges, ranking first in the ranking of China's higher vocational colleges from 2018 to 2019.

深圳职业技术学院是由深圳市人民政府于1993年成立的大学级全日制普通大学。它是中国最早独立进行职业技术教育的机构之一。 2009年成为首批国家级示范性高等职业院校,2017年成为深化创新创业教育改革的国家示范性大学。深圳职业学院可谓是高职院校中的“清华大学”,在2018年至2019年中国高职院校排名中名列第一。

Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College is a college-level full-time general college sponsored by the Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. Selected as the first batch of national exemplary higher vocational colleges, the first batch of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and the professional construction plan of the Ministry of Education (A file), the second batch of national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and UNESCO International Vocational Education Global Contact Center, National First-class Higher Vocational College Construction Unit, National University Practice Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Guangdong Province Mass Entrepreneurship Innovation Demonstration Base, Guangdong Province’s First Batch of University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Schools, Guangdong Province’s First-Class Higher Vocational College Construction The unit, the first batch of innovation and entrepreneurship bases in Shenzhen, is the first vocational college to be qualified to recruit overseas students and the first vocational college to be approved for independent enrollment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


In 1995, this team was first established, and it has been more than 25 years.


Judging from today’s eyes, "Shenzhen" is already a name that is thriving in the national college football world, and even an unbeaten myth that is magnificent in the eyes of many people-the "ten crown kings" from 2009 to the present. The 2016-2017 Chinese University Student Football League High Vocational Division finals won the national championship with a grand slam, and then in 2019, the Guangdong Province Universiade football project recorded in the annals of history has three consecutive championships...

从今天的眼光来看,“深圳”这个名字已经在全国大学橄榄球界大放异彩,甚至是不败的神话,在许多人眼中都是宏伟的-从2009年到现在的“十位国王”。 2016-2017年中国大学生足球联赛高级联赛总决赛以大满贯赢得了全国冠军,然后在2019年,载入史册的广东省大运会足球项目已连续三届夺冠...

Deep professional football has undoubtedly created the best record in the history of Guangdong colleges and universities in the history of national football.


At the beginning of the establishment of the team, it is also the beginning of the establishment of the school. The facilities in the school are still very imperfect, everything looks like "under construction, the paint is not dry"-there is no decent road, not even the school gate, only simple The dormitory and two basketball courts.


This was also the situation faced by the later head coach of the football team, Liao Pei, a novice teacher who had just graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education.


Although the venue is simple, the deep-professional boys' love of football is still hot. So under the organization and coordination of Teacher Liao, the men's football team of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College was established, and some related school training and league matches were also implemented step by step.


However, after the establishment of the school team, the first awkward situation faced was that there were no official games to play. Because there were few colleges and universities in Shenzhen at that time, there was no official league in Shenzhen, and there was no platform for college football leagues in Guangdong at that time, so they did not have the opportunity to participate in the corresponding matches, they could only find some amateur leagues in Shenzhen to play. . In a few years, they went from the lowest level of the C league to the first division.

但是,在校队成立之后,面临的第一个尴尬情况是没有正式比赛可玩。由于当时深圳的大学数量很少,因此深圳没有正式的联赛,并且当时广东没有大学橄榄球联赛的平台,因此他们没有机会参加相应的比赛,他们只能在深圳找到一些业余联赛参加比赛。 。几年后,他们从C联赛的最低级别晋升为第一级别。

It was not until 2001 that they ushered in the first decent college student league.


"I have forgotten what kind of competition it was at that time. I only remember that there were four teams at that time: Shenzhen University, Jiaying College and Shantou University." Director Liao said in retrospect.


"That was the first time we participated in a college student league, but they all have high-level sports teams or physical education departments, and we are just ordinary school teams. So participating in such a game, our level must be relatively weak. But it doesn’t matter. At least we went out for the first time!"


The disparity in the level of football level among the students also gave Guidance Liao a lot of knowledge.


The time span has expanded again-in 2006, the Guangdong University Games, this team that has been through all the troubles in 1995, finally won the first result that looked good in the college league: third. However, just when I thought I was about to set sail, the wind that had just blew stopped abruptly-the Universiade was held every four years, and there was no competition to play after that. The team once again fell into the embarrassing situation of "the last one will not take the next".


Finally in 2009, the Guangdong University Futsal Championship began. The story of "Ten Crowns" began from this point.

终于在2009年,广东大学五人制足球锦标赛开始了。 “十冠王冠”的故事从这一点开始。

In 2015, it was the first time to participate in the deep post of the National Football League (higher vocational group), and its strength cannot be underestimated. They won the national runner-up in the senior vocational group in one fell swoop-only one step away from the national championship. And such regrets will soon be swept away in the next year: the 16-17 season can be said to be the strongest and most brilliant year of the deep vocation-from the provincial competition to the regional competition to the national finals, three series The tournaments all won the championship with a record of complete victories (regional and national games, all games were won in regular time), becoming the second season's Grand Slam team in the senior professional team.


This is an honor of extraordinary significance for everyone on the team-it means that the football dream that generations of professional footballers spent 22 years weaving has finally become a reality; it means that professional football finally Completed the process from quantitative change to qualitative change; it means that everyone's efforts and perseverance have meaning...


However, the following year, 2018, the team ushered in an unprecedented trough: that year, ten main players graduated and left the team, which had a great impact on the team. You should know that higher vocational colleges only have three years of school time, so the team changes frequently between new and old, which is a very big test for the team and the coach.


That year was a period of adjustment for SZTE. "That year our results dropped: fifth in the southern zone and ninth in the country. I know our strength is more than that. But football is accidental and the players are not grasping it and can only be used as an experience."

那一年是中兴通讯的调整期。 “那一年我们的成绩下降了:在南部地区排名第五,在全国排名第九。我知道我们的实力不止于此。但是足球是偶然的​​,球员们并没有抓住它,只能作为一种经验。”

The accidental loss didn't make deep-seated players discouraged or complained to each other. Instead, it was more guilt and self-reflection: "Why I can do better, but I wasted opportunities time and time again."


After a year of adjustment and keeping a low profile, the deep vocation regained its strength and returned to the throne in 2019: in the Guangdong University Games and the "Governor Cup" college football league, they won the undefeated myth of 12 games. , To win the men's Group C championship, to achieve three consecutive championships in the 12 years of the Guangdong Universiade, and the "ten crowns" of Guangdong Province at all levels.

经过一年的调整并保持低调,这个深奥的职业恢复了实力,并在2019年重返王位:在广东大学生运动会和“州长杯”大学橄榄球联赛中,他们赢得了12场不败的神话。 ,赢得了男子C组冠军,在广东大运会的12年中连续获得了三届冠军,并在广东省获得了十个冠军。

This is the return of the king after the deep-professional football retreat. It can be said to be well deserved.


More than a dozen trophies, large and small, are displayed in the honor room of the Shenzhen Vocational Gymnasium. In the eyes of outsiders, they may just record victories or show off their achievements, but in the eyes of every "person involved", they are not just as simple as a set of splendid trophies-all things have spirits, they have been in a generation. The blood and tears of the people of Daishen were given a unique meaning of life.


Speaking of this, the one person I have to mention is Liao Pei, the head coach of the deep professional football team, a witness of 25 years of deep professional football.


Twenty-five years may not be a short period of time for a school, but for an ordinary person, it is a life that cannot be fast-forwarded. He is the most loyal witness to the stories behind all these honors-25 years of hardship and perseverance, inheritance and love all the way, every day and every year in the 25 years, he has never been absent.


Compared with other champions, the most difficult aspect of deep professional football is the source of students. Because the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education does not have any policy on enrollment for the sports specialties of higher vocational colleges, and the score line for deep vocational colleges is generally "Qingbei" in higher vocational colleges, many sports It is difficult for special students to enter the campus of deep vocational education.


Because of this, most of the members of the Shenzhen Vocational School Team are just ordinary kids who love to play football, and most of them have not received systematic professional training. In Liao's words, it is "made from scratch."


Many people have asked Guidance Liao: Where are the players recruited for such good results in deep professional football?


He didn't know how to answer this question: "I can only say that it is practiced from one session to another-it is persistence and inheritance."


The fact is also true.


In layman's terms, deep professional football is gradually being built into a brand-not that it is about to turn to commercialization, but that it is completing a task that most other teams cannot accomplish or easily overlook-the team Discovery and inheritance of internal culture.


"College students are not the same as middle school students. College students have reached the most critical stage in their lives to go to society. It is important to continue to maintain an excellent competitive state, but after all, they will graduate in a few years, and they still have to enter society and become People who are useful to society, right."


Graduation is a career, so Director Liao believes that training players to adapt to society and move towards society is also an important part of college football.


Therefore, in addition to cultivating the students' football skills, Director Liao put more emphasis on cultivating their comprehensive qualities.


"They have football skills. When they enter the society, they can choose jobs in addition to their majors. There are more choices. So I train them from football referees, coaches and competition administrators. After they graduate, they will have various positions. Talents on the Internet are also emerging in endlessly."


For example, he has just been promoted to the Assistant Referee of the Super League this year. Luo Zheng (level 08) who currently works in the Shenzhen Football Association, has stayed in school to assist in the management training of the football club after four years, coach Wu Chunrong (level 08), and also works for the Football Development Company. The youth training director Xu Defeng (level 12)... They are all big boys from the deep professional football team. They have different personalities and ages, but the only thing that remains unchanged is that they have maintained their understanding of football and dreams. Ultimate bravery and enthusiasm.


And this kind of feeling is the powerful source of driving the continuous spiral of deep professional football.


Deep professional football, whether it is a brand or a football culture, its connotation is not just the 30 players of the men's school team. There are also more vocational students who like football, including the academy team, and the women’s team that was just formed in October last year... All the drips have become a source of strength for deep vocational football. Supporting generations of deep professional footballers to go far.


Is there any born king in this world? Some are just hard-hearted people who stumbling and rushing forward with their original intentions.




The next preview of the Godfather series | Guarding the best deep professional football: 25 years of coach Liao Pei, stay tuned


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Source: Shenzhen Polytechnic Football Team


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