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On October 12, Beijing time, with a 3-shot lead into the final round, Trey Mullinax bounced back from the loss of the first nine holes and won the Glory International Tour at the Orange County National Championship champion.

北京时间10月12日,Trey Mullinax以三杆领先的优势进入了最后一轮比赛,从前九洞的失误中反弹回来,并赢得了橙县国家冠军的荣耀国际巡回赛冠军。

   The 28-year-old American player birdied the 16th and 18th holes of the Leopard Lake Course at Orange County National Golf Club and beat Wu Biyuan and Stephan Jaeger by one stroke. His four-round score was 261 (65-65-62-69), which was 23 under par.


"It is of great significance. It has been a long time. Coupled with the new crown epidemic, this year is really a long year," Trey Mullinax said in retrospect. "Experiencing the injury, coming back and winning, it must be profound... …It’s a strange day, but I know: the wind is blowing, the court must be a bit difficult. If I can shoot below par, I have a chance."

特里·穆利纳克斯(Trey Mullinax)回顾说:“它意义重大。已经很久了。再加上新的王冠流行,今年确实是漫长的一年。” “经历伤病,复出并获胜,这一定是非常深刻的…………这是奇怪的一天,但我知道:风在吹,球场一定有点困难。如果我能打出低于标准杆的成绩,机会。”

   Trey Mullinacs shot one over par on the first nine holes, and all the lead disappeared, but he was back on track by a 25-foot birdie on the 10th hole.

特雷·穆利纳克斯(Trey Mullinax)在前9个洞中以标准杆高出一杆,所有领先优势都消失了,但他在第10个洞中被25英尺小鸟追上了轨道。

"I know my shots are not great. I'm looking for a turning point," Trey Mullinacs said. "The putt on the 10th hole was great. From there, the 11th, 12th, and 13th My shots are great in the hole."

特里·穆利纳克斯说:“我知道我的投篮不好。我正在寻找一个转折点。” “第10洞的推杆很棒。从第11、12和13洞推杆,我的投篮非常棒。”

   After the situation turned around, he made the most important push of his life on the 16th hole, par-4. He scored a 40-foot "bomb" putter, returned to the tie lead, and then left two birdies on the last hole to win.


"That's a very important putt," Trey Mullinacs said with a smile. "I don't know where I am. I think that putt liberated me. I know the 17th and 18th holes are OK. I scored. So I wanted to give myself a birdie chance on the 16th hole. I pushed a good putt, hit from the center, and the speed was perfect. It was comparable to the one I made in the national championship in 2014."

“那是一个非常重要的推杆,”特里·穆利纳克斯笑着说。 “我不知道我在哪里。我认为推杆使我解放了。我知道第17和18洞不错。我得分。所以我想在第16洞给小鸟机会。我推了一个好推杆,从中心击球,速度非常好。这与我在2014年全国冠军赛中取得的成绩相当。”

   In 2014, Trey Mullinacs was famous for winning the NCAA Championship for the University of Alabama because he pushed into the Hawks. After that, he turned into a professional player and spent two years of ups and downs, including a ball hit by a professional/amateur match partner in the Charles Schwab Challenge last summer. This year, he mainly competed on the Korn Ferry International Tour. After a slow start, he won three top ten places in the past five races.

2014年og真人电子网站,Trey Mullinacs因赢得阿拉巴马大学的NCAA冠军而闻名。之后,他成为了一名职业球员,并经历了两年的风风雨雨,包括去年夏天在查尔斯·施瓦布挑战赛中一名职业/业余比赛搭档击出的皮球。今年,他主要参加了Korn Ferry国际巡回赛。经过缓慢的起步,他在过去五场比赛中赢得了前十名中的三个。

"It feels good to be back in victory," Trey Mullinacs said. "I haven't won in a while. I think I haven't won since 2016. I didn't struggle today. I didn't hit the best. Good level. Today is my mother's birthday. I talked to her one night. I said to her: I will go down and work hard to win this event for her. So mother, happy birthday!"

Trey Mullinacs说:“重获胜利感觉很好。” “我有一段时间没赢了。我认为自2016年以来就没有赢。我今天没有挣扎。我没有达到最好的成绩。好水平。今天是我母亲的生日。我和她谈了一晚我对她说:我会努力为她赢得这场比赛og真人电子网站的,所以母亲,生日快乐!”

  Wu Biyuan has entered the top ten in 9 competitions and 5 times this season. He launched a sprint on Sunday and he harvested 7 birdies, but there was also a bogey. The Chinese player shot 65, four rounds of 262 (65-66-66-65), 22 under par.


   Stephen Jaeger caught three birdies in the last four holes, but he was still one shot away, passing his sixth Korneo victory in his career.

斯蒂芬·杰格(Stephen Jaeger)在最后四个洞抓到3个小鸟,但他仍是一杆之遥,这是他职业生涯第六次在科内奥(Korneo)比赛中获胜。

Shantou Xiaohuo Bai Zhengkai had a good start. He caught 4 birdies on the first nine holes, but only one birdie was added to the second nine holes. He also swallowed 3 bogeys and 1 double bogey, and shot 71 in four rounds. 275 (66-69-69-71), 9 under par, tied for 57th.

汕头市小伙白正楷有一个良好的开端。他在前9个洞抓了4个小鸟,但在后9个洞只加了一个小鸟。他还吞下了3个柏忌和1个双柏忌,并在四个回合中射门71杆。 275(66-69-69-71),低于标准杆9,并列第57OG真人厅。

   The Orange County National Championship is the last Glorious International Tour of 2020, but the PGA Tour has combined two seasons, and this season will not end until the fall of 2021.




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