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Sports Weekly All-Media Special Correspondent in Italy Shen Tianhao


At the beginning of his tenure, Conte once said that he wanted to see a well-organized and powerful team more than "Crazy Inter". However, after the game against Fiorentina, Conte recalled the crazy side that the team showed at the end of the game, and might be amused in his heart. After the game, Conte himself said: "I am very satisfied with the team's offensive performance. The team scored 4 goals and even created more opportunities. The Fiorentina goalkeeper Dragovsky is good enough." The meaning is that the Nerazzurri should have scored more goals.


However, on the defensive end, Inter Milan's season debut performance is hard to say. Conte first found an excuse: "De Vrij is suspended, Bastoni is the first time to play central defender (this may become an alternative to the Dutch in the future), Kolarov is the first time to represent Inter Milan On the field." The famous coach "Little Zhuge" Guidolin in the commentary also said: "Bastoni-Kolarov-Dan Brosio is the first time to join forces. With the running in the future, the team's defensive performance It should be better."


But Conte also saw the problem: "Defense is the whole team's business. We may have invested too much force on the offensive end, so we are frequently counterattacked. Perhaps we need to pay more attention to this point. We are lacking in this aspect. Be prepared, because the team is full of confidence when holding the ball, but players who don’t have the ball should think about preventing their opponents from counterattacking."


Former Italian international Barzaretti believes that, at least from the point of view of the performance in this field, Inter Milan is not advancing but retreating on the defensive end. The team name Biasin also said that adjusting the best defense in Serie A last season does not seem to be a wise move. Godin has moved to Cagliari, will Skriniar go to England? Conte said: “Dam Brosio was chosen to start for today’s game due to tactical arrangements, but the team still has a lot of games to play and the players are still in the team’s plan. Of course, if an offer is received, the club management The layer will also be considered."


In this game, the "silly combination" once again made great contributions, and Eriksson behind him once again became the "dark side of the moon" on the offensive end. The Danes were later replaced by Sensi. Whether it was the former Sassuolo midfielder or Sanchez, who played as a front midfielder in the last few minutes, the threat posed by this position seems to be greater than the former Tottenham core. Regarding the "Eriksson problem", Conte said: "His pace is faster than when he just arrived in the team, and he is now playing his most comfortable midfielder. This game, the player's performance is not bad. Eriksson is a great young man, and he trains very hard. I hope he can find the decisive moment as soon as possible and completely get back to his state."


The summer break this year is exceptionally short. The defeat of last season's league competition, the bitter defeat of the Europa League final, and Conte's two outbreaks are still in sight. After the game, unlike the anxiety at the end of last season, Conte showed a different attitude, "After the first year of the Blue and Black, I also reflected on it. Sometimes I care too much about the result and chase victory at any cost. But I forgot the process of following this course and becoming the protagonist. Seeing the growth of my players is the most beautiful part of this sport, and I should learn to enjoy it."


There is no doubt about Conte's tactical level and team building ability. If he can return to a relaxed state and defeat the demon who has been lingering last season, it is also a good thing for Inter. Conte can learn from the attitude of Florence Chairman Comiso, an American entrepreneur born in Calabria, southern Italy, speaking with a mouthful of American Italian and smiling after the game: "This is football. Win or lose is all A few minutes. Inter Milan may be the best team in Italy, and we have improved compared to last year. Ribery is an artist, his performance is a natural gift (2 assists in this game). I will get old, he will not ..." Does Chiesa stay on the team? Comiso said: "Everything can happen in the last week of the transfer market." Is this the American vision of the Fiorentina chairman, or has he booked tickets to Milan or Turin for his star in advance?

毫无疑问,孔戴的战术水平和团队建设能力。如果他能回到轻松的状态并击败上赛季挥之不去的恶魔,那对国米来说也是一件好事。孔戴可以从佛罗伦萨董事长科米索的态度中学到东西,他是意大利企业家,出生于意大利南部卡拉布里亚,他与一大口美国意大利人交谈,赛后笑着说:“这就是足球。赢或输都是几分钟。国际米兰也许是意大利最好的球队,并且与去年相比我们得到了改善。里贝里(Ribery)是一位艺术家,他的表现是自然的礼物(本场比赛有2次助攻)。我会变老,他不会……”留在队中? Comiso说:“一切都会在转会市场的最后一周发生。”这是佛罗伦萨主席的美国愿景,还是他已经提前为其明星预订了米兰或都灵的机票?

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