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After seventy days of closed and 14 rounds of competition, the first stage of the Chinese Super League was successfully completed in the Dalian and Suzhou divisions. Before the game, my prediction and analysis of the general trend and qualifying situation of the two divisions were fair. Basically accurate, the teams entering the championship and relegation groups only predicted the wrong group (Chongqing & Wuhan). Today we will briefly summarize the performance of the 16 teams in the first stage of the Super League.


Cannavaro can be said to be the most difficult coach in the Chinese Super League. The boss not only needs championships and achievements, but also trains all kinds of Chinese and foreign talents for the national team. He also needs to train young people and the youth training of his team. The handsome guy is forced to become a bald middle-aged man; the first stage of Kashuai's mission is still quite satisfactory. With the local thigh Wei Shihao and Brazil thigh Talisca both out of the game for a long time, he was locked from the dead group early. The group first stood out, and a group of naturalized nationals and local newcomers merged smoothly. The first batch of Evergrande Football School’s first youth training products also officially appeared in the professional league and scored goals and screened the screen; Kashuai also has the capital to talk to the boss about strengthening the lineup It’s about playing the AFC Champions League. After all, the team still doesn’t have a true left-back, but it’s hard to say whether it can get what you want. Fortunately, there are no serious injuries in the first stage, and the second stage is full, except for the referee. Someone challenged Evergrande's dominance this season.

卡纳瓦罗可以说是中国超级联赛中最困难的教练。老板不仅需要冠军和成就,还需要为国家队培养各种中外人才。他还需要训练年轻人和他的团队的青年训练。帅哥被迫成为一个秃头的中年男人。 Kashuai任务的第一阶段仍然相当令人满意。由于当地的大腿韦世豪和巴西大腿塔利斯卡都缺席了很长一段时间,他很早就被从死队中锁定了。该小组首先脱颖而出,一群归化的国民和本地新移民顺利合并。恒大足球学校的第一批青年训练产品也正式出现在职业联赛中,打进进球并放映了屏幕; Kashuai也有资本与老板讨论加强阵容的问题,这是关于参加亚冠联赛。毕竟,团队仍然没有真正的左后卫,但是很难说是否能够得到想要的东西。幸运的是,第一阶段没有受伤,第二阶段的比赛已经结束,除了裁判员。本赛季有人挑战恒大的统治地位。

Suning continued to spend money on the second team in Italy to satisfy the head coach’s desire to shop. However, the investment in the first team of the Super League in recent years has appeared to be somewhat stable; with a stable team lineup, Suning is firmly in the fierce fighting in Group A. He won the second place and avoided the opposing SIPG and Guoan in the first round of the second stage. The top four are basically worry-free; but whether he can go further depends on whether the thigh Teixeira walks or when he will leave. Is the club able to pay wages and bonuses on time?


In the first stage, the director Li, who is a mouthful of Qingpu, turned himself into the biggest Internet celebrity chef. At the press conference, there were many golden sentences; from the theory of stewed fish and fried fish out of the pot to the introduction of big fish, countless Luneng fans Transformed into a foodie + international scout, in the end, the so-called big fish was once on the verge of breaking up with the club. As a result, the prodigal son turned back and didn’t know if he could change it back. Chef Li, who insisted on rotating Dafa, almost came out. Wok, the first cycle scored 16 points but only half of the second cycle points. Luneng’s performance was like riding a roller coaster, which made the fans’ mood fluctuating along with the team’s results. They called for the championship and called the end of class. ; Only getting third in the group allows Luneng to encounter its old rival Guoan in the first round of the second stage. The weak attacking ability shown by the team in the first stage makes it difficult to expect the results of this season. The team is about to Will the last season before Li Xiaopeng coach the team also be the last season before the change of ownership?

在第一阶段,满口青浦的李导演将自己变成了最大的互联网名人厨师。在新闻发布会上,有很多金句。从炖鱼和炸鱼的理论发展到引进大鱼,无数的鲁能粉丝变成了美食家和国际侦察兵,最终,所谓的大鱼曾经濒临破裂该俱乐部。结果,浪子回头了,不知道他是否可以改回去。坚持轮换大法的李大厨差点出来。炒锅,第一个周期得分16分,但只有第二个周期得分的一半。鲁能的表现就像坐过山车一样,这使球迷的情绪随着球队的成绩而波动。他们要求获得冠军,并要求结束课程。 ;只有在小组赛中获得第三名,鲁能才能在第二阶段的第一轮遇到老对手国安。球队在第一阶段表现出的攻击能力较弱,因此很难期待本赛季的结果。球队即将到来李小鹏执教的上赛季也将成为所有权变更之前的最后一个赛季吗?

Shenhua, who signed large-scale signings before the season, finally realized the benefits of sufficient personnel at a critical moment. The team that could only play in the Chinese class at one time was guided by the dual effects of old Cui spirit and tactics, relying on the continuous rotation of defense personnel. He Bi Jinhao continued to score goals after returning to the center. In the last six rounds, he used a wave of four consecutive draws and two consecutive victories to score tenaciously into the top four, and got the last ticket in the championship group at the cost of being the defending champion of the FA Cup. Out of the first round; in the first round of the second round, facing the same city derby opponent Daquan, if you can usher in foreign aid and return to Shenhua in time, there is still a chance to fight, as long as it is too ugly, the Koreans’ coaching trip in Shanghai has a high probability. If you can continue, I'll say something else for Shenhua.


The Shenzhen team, which has almost changed a whole team, had a bad start. The head coach who was not invited by the current general manager and the foreign aid he brought in unexpectedly became the scapegoat and left early; Xiaoke’s appointment and the team's running in The good situation allowed the Shenzhen team to retain the hope of reaching the top four until the final round. Although it fell short in the end, the performance of this season as a replenishment team can be considered passable; the second stage of the team's relegation is not a problem, but a lot of investment. The effect of Shenzhen Football may not show until next season.


It really takes a process for the newcomer Xiao Fan to understand and adapt to Chinese football, and he was sifted at the beginning. Fortunately, Fan’s self-correction and learning ability is fast enough to at least avoid the collapse of the team, but the defense is still As always with the tofu dregs, the unconcerned Israelis still had their picks halfway through, and the club has to be busy looking for new foreign players; thanks to the support of Chongqing and Yatai, the new foreign players can play in the second stage, and R&F's relegation problem should not be big; As the main convener of a professional league that I don’t know when it will be established, I’m a big joke when I downgrade; judging from R&F’s current positioning and investment in itself, relegation is also the most realistic and acceptable goal.


Master Bei’s youth storm almost completely lost his first-life fame in China. Fortunately, the master’s skill is still added to Longdong’s father-level performance. A set of lineups persists and runs to the bottom, which is considered to have played some content and exercised. A few young people also cultivated a new national football team; the second-to-last in the group failed to qualify for the championship group, making Dalian the only team that played at their home court this season and will play at home throughout the year. The problem now is that if Longdong’s father is forcibly recruited by the national team + Hamsik returns to China for the European preliminaries play-offs, what will Dalian people rely on to relegation? They are home fans, the Swedish foreign aid duo, and they didn’t play much in the first stage. Boateng, the new Brazilian midfielder or Zhao Xuri + Zheng Long?


Pre-season change of coaches + disorganized foreign aid lineup + weak bench depth for domestic players, making Henan Jianye unsurprisingly entered the relegation group at the bottom of this group; the legendary new foreign teacher can only play in the second stage of command, and the team lineup will be relegated. The possibility of reinforcement is unlikely. For Henan fans, this season will definitely be spent in torment. Fortunately, the opposite Qingdao and Tianjin will have a hard time. For the Jianye team with sufficient relegation experience, step on them. The hope that one can go ashore on his own is still great.


The Big Dock, which contributed to the chairman of the Football Association, easily won the first place in Group B under the double advantages of the referee's protection all the way + Guoan's own unwillingness, and also allowed him to have a favorable half-area position in the second stage; the introduction of Australian international Mu The replacement of Aiha by Yi makes people feel that SIPG still has the motivation to invest and compete for the championship, but I don't know if the renewal of many international players and Hulk will affect the morale and performance of the team in the second stage.


Before the season, Beijing Guoan, who had five foreign aids and three naturalizations, was regarded as Evergrande’s most powerful challenger, but the overall performance of the team in the first stage was disappointing. The lead was tied or even reversed many times, making people on the ball. The team’s mental willpower and even the internal atmosphere have produced great doubts. The head coach and many domestic and foreign players are sitting on the crater; in the second stage, the new defender Shunic will replace the absent-minded Big Gold. Or the recent performance of Sai Baoli, who has suddenly returned to bravery. Can Aogu come back in time? Can the happy Bacambu, who seems to have suddenly opened up after winning the billiard championship, continue to maintain the feeling of being in front of the goal? Facing the old rival Luneng, if the hot and handsome will be dismissed, even after the semi-finals of Luneng, facing Evergrande, the current strength and mental state of Guoan will be bad luck, and Guoan will always strive for the first slogan. It's been another year.

在赛季开始之前,拥有五名外援和三名入籍的北京国安被认为是恒大最有力的挑战者,但是球队在第一阶段的整体表现令人失望。领先者被绑很多次甚至被颠倒了很多次,使人们陷入困境。球队的精神意志力甚至内部气氛都引起了极大的怀疑。主教练和许多国内外球员都坐在火山口上。在第二阶段,新的后卫Shunic将取代心不在Big的Big Gold。或最近突然恢复勇敢的塞宝利的表演。奥古能及时回来吗?开心的Bacambu在赢得台球冠军后似乎突然开放了,可以继续保持在球门前的感觉吗?面对老对手鲁能,如果帅气的帅哥会被解雇,即使鲁能进入半决赛,面对恒大,国安目前的实力和精神状态也会很不幸,国安将永远争取第一口号。又是一年了。

The pre-season turmoil of the club owner and the late return of all foreign aid made the Chongqing team a favorite for relegation, and the first eight rounds of only one win and five points seemed to confirm this trend; however, under Zhang Wailong’s tuning, the Chongqing team after the foreign aid was in order In the last six rounds, he won six consecutive victories. Not only did he complete the season's relegation goal one round ahead of schedule, but also gave himself room for renting foreign aid to earn survival expenses before the second stage. It was a fame and fortune. For the Chongqing team, the second stage of the championship game is already desperate, and how to survive next year is the top priority for the club to consider. The wages and bonuses owed must be settled.


Before the season, China Fortune Happiness, which also faced the disorganized foreign aid situation, responded in a timely manner. It borrowed Goulart from Evergrande and quickly introduced Toure. The Hebei team, which has good domestic players, finally successfully landed from Group B. Completed the task of relegation ahead of schedule; the second stage is also desperate for them, but they have to pay back the favor of Evergrande lent you Gaolat, and the transition from the former local tyrant team to the civilian team is considered to be China this season The first step was taken successfully. Under the current situation, the club's survival is the greatest success.


The overall lineup of the team is relatively balanced, and there is no shortage of combat effectiveness. The Han army drove high and low in the first stage. Unfortunately, it missed the championship group. The large-scale injuries of foreign aid were the main reason for this result; although Dong Xuesheng and Martin were temporarily recruited. In the last six rounds, only two points were scored. The head coach Jose was also dismissed before the end. After a catastrophe, the biggest question for the Wuhan team in the second stage was whether to find a head coach? Where can I find the head coach? Can it be relegated without a head coach? If the relegation problem is not big, do you still need to find a coach? If you don't find the head coach to be demoted, who will be the one to recite? This is simply an unsolvable proposition.


For a newly promoted polo team, Yongchang’s results are satisfactory; but for a team that has the most preparation during the pre-season and the most organized foreign aid at the start of the game, this result is a pity. To be unwilling, it can only be said that the overall experience is insufficient; at present, as long as Yongchang does not confuse his position, the prospects for relegation this season are promising and the task can be completed.


Another major preparatory work for the newly promoted team before the season is to constantly change coaches, first from the head coach to the assistant coach, and then the official announced a foreign coach, but a few days later, the ticket will not come, and finally he can only find his old friend Shenhua By borrowing a head coach, Yang Shuai can only be replaced by a local coach. Compared with an efficient coaching change, the Qingdao team, which is more important in the return of foreign aid, is the slowest move, and it is not counted until the end of the first stage. All the foreign aid combinations; Wu Jingui did lead the team to play a few good games after taking office, but the overall lack of strength still suffered a six-game losing streak in the final stage, early confirmed to enter the relegation group; now look at the foreign aid of Qingdao team The strength is acceptable, and the overall atmosphere is still united to make up for the gap between the team's strength and the relegation experience. Whether it can overwhelm the difficult brothers Henan and Tianjin depends on the performance of the key relegation battle in the second stage.


In the first stage, TEDA, who scored only three points in a winless game, can be said to be one of the teams with the worst preparations. The head coach has not returned, the quality of training led by the local coach is low, and the foreign aid either ran away or injured. Even if you fired Uncle Shi and invited the experienced uncle Baoshan to relegation, the team slid all the way to the bottom, morale almost collapsed, and even the local media could not stand it; fortunately, before the end of the first stage The team finally caught the big fish and gathered foreign aid, leaving a glimmer of hope for the second stage of the relegation battle; under this special competition system this year, can TEDA become the first in league history to win a match but succeed in relegation. The team, let us wait and see.


The second stage of the game will start on October 16. The eight teams in the championship group will be in Suzhou, and the eight teams in the relegation group will be in Dalian. The league seats will be scheduled through three rounds and two rounds without home and away goals. The top three in the league will win To qualify for the AFC Champions League next season, the number of relegation places will be 1.5. At present, Evergrande and SIPG have the greatest chance of meeting in the final. Who can win the championship will depend on the performance and referee; the third place for the AFC Champions League will be in the battle of Jinglu In terms of relegation, the Henan, Qingdao and Tianjin teams are the most dangerous, and TEDA has a high probability of locking in a direct relegation quota. No matter which team will play in the relegation playoffs with the runner-up in China, the hope of relegation is very high. Big.


After half a month of rest, the Chinese Super League will reignite the war. All the suspense will be revealed within a month after that. Let us look forward to how this special season's drama will end.


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