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OG真人厅:中国业余公开赛南昌站 罗玄主场作战领跑男子组

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  On October 19th, GAC Honda•2020 China Amateur Open Series Nanchang ended the second round of the game at Nanchang Poly Golf Club. Luo Xuan and Zhang Yahui both handed over 69 strokes in this round, with a total score of 139 (-5), occupying the first place in their respective groups.


The 18-hole leader Zhao Xingyu surrendered 72 strokes this round with a total score of 140 (68-72, -4), one stroke behind and temporarily ranked second in the men's category; Zong Zeng Haoqi handed over 74 strokes for two consecutive days with a total score of 148 Rod (74-74, +4) came in third.

18洞领先者赵兴宇在本轮比赛中投出72杆,总成绩140(68-72,-4),落后第一杆,暂时排名男子组第二。宗曾浩奇连续两天交出74杆,总成绩148 Rod(74-74,+4)位居第三。

In the women’s team, the 18-hole tie leader Zhang Yue surrendered 73 strokes in this round, with a total score of 143 (70-73, -1), temporarily ranking second. Wang Jiayi and Huang Mingru both handed over 71 strokes this round. Both have a total score of 144 (E) and are temporarily tied for third place.



   This year, 17-year-old Luo Xuan began to compete in amateur events. This is his third time participating in the GAC Honda·2020 China Amateur Open series.

今年,17岁的罗璇开始参加业余比赛。这是他第三次参加GAC Honda·2020中国业余公开赛系列赛。

   Luo Xuan's first 18 holes in his life were played at Nanchang Poly Stadium. When the series came to Nanchang, Luo Xuan became the favorite to win the championship. Luo Xuan did not live up to everyone's expectations, rushing to the top of the leaderboard after two rounds, this is the first time he has won a 36-hole lead in a series. You know, Luo Xuan has been in a championship drought for two years. If he could be crowned at home, it would be the best thing.


Luo Xuan grasped well. With the help of iron and chip, he chased Zhao Xingyu all the way. On the 15th hole, after he caught the 4th birdie of the round, his total score reached -5, tying Zhao Xingyu and winning Tied for the lead. When Zhao Xingyu made a bogey on the 16th hole, Luo Xuan took a par in the last 3 holes and succeeded in overtaking, gaining a 1-shot lead.


   This week, Luo Xuan’s caddy is his mother. Luo Xuan said: "My mother helped me with my backpack and made me feel that I was not alone in the fight. There is a tacit understanding between my mother and I. She may not be able to help me too much in the swing, but she is familiar with my lifestyle and will I replenish my energy in time and will cheer for me. I was a little nervous in the first few holes today, but with her help, I quickly relaxed, found the rhythm of the shot, and got into the state.


   "The home game puts me under a certain pressure. I didn't set a goal for ranking before the game. I just hoped to get a good score. I am very happy to have the current result."


   What's interesting is that Luo Xuan's current cell phone is an old phone. Luo Xuan smiled and said: "It's the kind of mobile phone that makes a sound when you press the button and tells the time on time. It can only make calls, not WeChat. I usually watch the iPad for half an hour every morning and evening, check information and reply emails, etc. The first two years After using the smart phone, I feel that my self-control and time management are being challenged, which once affected the performance and study of the game. After discussing with my parents last month, I decided to use the elderly phone to communicate with the outside world. It seems that this is a correct one. Decided."


   Tomorrow, he will continue to start in the same group with Zhao Xingyu, sprinting for the first China Amateur Open series championship in his golf career.




  Before coming to Nanchang, Zhang Yahui had already won the first China Amateur Open series championship in Yantai, which attracted the attention of the industry.


   At Nanchang Poly Stadium, Zhang Yahui played very well and caught 4 birdies this round. Among them, the birdie on the 13th hole made her the happiest. On this par-3 hole, she pushed into a 24-foot long putt and won the fourth birdie of the day, further expanding the lead.


After the game, Zhang Yahui said: "I did not perform well on the 13th hole yesterday and I swallowed a bogey. After the first round of the game, I adjusted my actions and strategy, and achieved the expected goal today and caught the birdie. Yesterday’s results were relatively ups and downs. , Reduced mistakes today."


From an 18-hole tie leader to a 36-hole leader, Zhang Yahui has a 4-stroke advantage, which makes Zhang Yahui full of confidence in tomorrow’s event. She said: “Compared with today, tomorrow’s pressure should be much less and I will be more focused. , And strive to hit the red letter again and win the second China Amateur Open series championship."

从18洞并列领先到36洞领先,张亚辉拥有四冲程优势,这使张亚辉对明天的比赛充满了信心。她说:“与今天相比,明天的压力要小得多,而我将更加专注。 ,力求再次OG真人厅击中红字,赢得第二届中国业余公开赛系列冠军。”

   Nanchang is the seventh stop of the GAC Honda·2020 China Amateur Open series. Tomorrow will usher in the final round of the event. The game will start at 7 o'clock and the leading group will start at 9 o'clock.


  The event is hosted by the China Golf Association, undertaken by Guangdong Golf Association and Guangdong Golf Sports Center, co-organized by Jiangxi Golf Association, and exclusively operated by Guangdong Zhongao International Sports Promotion Co., Ltd. The event won the general title of Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., and won the China Sports Lottery, TaylorMade Golf Clubs, Adema Natural Weak Alkaline Water, Mellow Water Purifier, Shangzu Intelligent Oxygen Shoe Dryer, Helix, Supported by the School Sports Communication, Mi Shu, Beatty, Danxia Tianxiong, etc.


   More exciting moments


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