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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Morning Post on October 20, 2020!


Last night, with the announcement of the candidates for the three positions of the left wing, right wing and center, the complete candidate list of the best 11 players in the Golden Globe history selected by French Football was finally released. Among the 110 finalists, including Melo, there are only 9 active players, but the remaining 101 legendary superstars are also important. Pele, Lao Ma, Ke Sheng and others are all listed.


Tonight, the new season of the Champions League will kick off, including Juventus, Paris, Dortmund, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and other giants will debut. After more than two months, everyone can hear the familiar Champions League theme. Song!


In last night’s Super League match, R&F and Huanghai drew a 0-0 goalless draw in the relegation group; in the championship group, Chongqing and Jiangsu shook hands 1-1. All four teams left their suspense until the next round. .

在昨晚的超级联赛比赛中,富力和黄海在保级小组赛中以0-0毫无进球的平局;在冠军组中,重庆和江苏以1-1握手。所有四支球队都留下了悬念,直到下一轮。 。

In European football, Van Dijk’s injury affected the hearts of many fans and even players, and the FA unexpectedly announced that Pickford would not be pursued.

在欧洲足球比赛中,范迪克(Van Dijk)的受伤影响了许多球迷甚至球员的心,英足总意外地宣布将不追逐皮克福德(Pickford)。

Please see the details below.


On October 19th, the "Golden Globe Best Eleven" selection hosted by "French Football" announced the list of candidates for all eleven positions. Ronaldo and Messi entered as left wing and right wing respectively. Candidates, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and other legendary stars are all listed. Which one is the best in your history?


At 19:35 on October 19th, Beijing time, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship competition, Chongqing Dangdai played against Jiangsu Suning. Luo Jing assisted Teixeira in the first half to open the record. In the second half, Kaldek header equalized the score. In the end, Chongqing 1-1 Jiangsu.


At 15:30 on October 19th, Beijing time, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League relegation group match, Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang played against Guangzhou R&F. The referee of the match was Wang Di. In the first half, the two sides did not have many good offensive opportunities. Adrian and Alexandrini tried long-range shots from the outside, but the threat was not big. Zhou Junchen's shot missed slightly; in the second half, Zhou Junchen made many threats , Gao Xiang missed the opportunity, Ye Chugui broke the goal, but because Dembele was in an offside position and was blown off, Qingdao R&F was 0-0.


The "French Football" Golden Globe Award "Best 11" announced the list of 10 center forwards. Ronaldinho, Cruyff, and Ged-Müller are listed. There are no active players selected.


The "French Football" Golden Globe Award "Best 11" announced the shortlist of 10 right wingers, Messi, Beckham, Figo, Robben shortlisted.


The "French Football" Golden Globe Award "Best 11" announced the 10 left wing candidates, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Henry, and Rivaldo were selected.


On October 19, Beijing time, the FA confirmed that Everton goalkeeper Pickford will not be punished for flying shovel Van Dyke.


On October 19th, Beijing time, the official website of the UEFA Champions League once again posted a list of historical goalscorers in the European War. In this list, Ronaldo ranked first with 131 goals and Messi ranked first with 118 goals. 2nd place, 3rd is Raul, and Lewand is 4th.


According to MLS official news, Higuain was sent off with a red card for "insulting referees" after his 1-2 loss to Montreal at the Miami International away game and will be suspended for one game.


On October 19, Beijing time, according to the news on the front page of the Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport, if AC Milan qualify for the Champions League this season, the Swedish veteran Ibrahimovic will get a lifetime contract (can play in the Rossoneri) To retirement).

北京时间10月19日,根据意大利媒体Gazzetta dello Sport的头版新闻,如果AC米兰本赛季有资格参加欧洲冠军联赛,瑞典老将易卜拉欣莫维奇将获得终身合同(可以在罗索内里踢球)退休)。

The 2020-21 Champions League is about to kick off. UEFA’s official website counts the best scorer in history in the group stage, with Messi ranked first.


UEFA officially listed the player rankings with more than 150 appearances in the European War. Casillas ranked first with 188 times, and Ronaldo was 10 games behind him.


In Luneng’s match against Guoan, several key controversial penalties made the referee Shen Yinhao the target of fans’ verbal criticism. Shen Yinhao’s controversial and penalties continued. This incident has involved Shen Yinhao’s alma mater, Tongji University. Fans of Shen Yinhao even suspected that Shen Yinhao's paper was fraudulent.


On October 19, Beijing time, domestic media reported that Jin Jingdao was diagnosed with a sacroiliac joint injury, which was very close to the injured position of Neymar's third lumbar spine fracture in the 2014 World Cup.


On October 17th, Beijing time, Shandong Luneng drew 2-2 with Beijing Guoan. The referee Shen Yinhao's several penalties also caused great controversy. According to reporter Zheng Xiaowei's report, Hackett, the former chairman of the Premier League refereeing committee, currently serving as technical adviser to the International Football Council, and technical adviser to the UEFA refereeing committee, believes that the two penalty kicks in the game were misjudgments.

北京时间10月17日,山东鲁能与北京国安队以2比2战平。裁判沉银浩的几项处罚也引起了极大的争议。根据记者郑小伟的报道,英超联赛裁判委员会前主席,目前担任国际足球理事会技术顾问,欧足联裁判委员会技术顾问的哈克特认为,这场比赛中的两次罚球都是误判。 。

On October 16, Beijing time, Tianjin TEDA 2-0 Shenzhen Kaisa, won the first win of the season while also getting the initiative to relegation. In this game, Suarez, who has just joined the team, performed very well.


In the derby with Liverpool, Everton goalkeeper Pickford brought down Van Dyke with a dangerous move, causing the latter to be seriously injured. Everton celebrity Leon Osman said that Pickford’s move may ruin Van Dyck’s career, while netizens commented that this is not the first time Pickford has done so.

在与利物浦的德比战中,埃弗顿门将皮克福德(Pickford)以危险的举动放倒范戴克(Van Dyke),使后者受到重伤。埃弗顿名人莱昂·奥斯曼(Leon Osman)说,皮克福德(Pickford)的举动可能会破坏范·戴克(Van Dyck)的职业,而网友则评论说,这并不是皮克福德(Pickford)第一次这样做。

Argentine player Sabaletta, who has announced his retirement, talked about his retirement and Messi and other topics in an interview. He said: "Messi is the best in the world, football owes him a national team championship."


Manchester United star Scholes took office as the head coach of the Salford Club, but lost in the first show. They were beaten by their opponents in the 86th minute against Port Vale.

曼联球星斯科尔斯上任索尔福德俱乐部的总教练,但在首场比赛中失利。他们在第86分钟对阵Val Vale的对手中被击败。

Manchester City defender Laporte blessed Van Dyke, who is about to undergo knee ligament repair surgery, through his personal social networking site.

曼彻斯特城后卫拉波特(Laporte)通过他的个人社交网站为即将接受膝韧带修复手术的范戴克(Van Dyke)祝福。

Former Italy international Graziani expressed his incomprehension about Conte’s formation in the Milan Derby in an interview. He bluntly said that he would like to know why Inter Milan wanted to let go of Godin and let Kolarov serve as the center. Guard.


AC Milan full-back Teo Hernandez and his girlfriend Zoe Christopherley once again showed off their sweetness. The two staged an online celebrity dressup show on social media, which attracted the attention of fans.

AC米兰后卫Teo Hernandez和他的女友Zoe Christopherley再次展示了他们的甜蜜。两人在社交媒体上进行了在线名人换装秀,引起了粉丝的关注。

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua player Bi Jinhao posted a message on social media to wish Yan Junling, he wrote: "Get well soon, go back and treat you to something delicious."


McAllister scored his first Premier League goal in the game against Crystal Palace. It is worth mentioning that a close-up photo of him in the game was criticized by fans after the game because of the collision of Messi.


0:55 UEFA Champions League group stage Dynamo Kyiv vs Juventus


3:00 UEFA Champions League group stage Lazio vs Dortmund


3:00 Champions League group stage Chelsea vs Sevilla


3:00 UEFA Champions League group stage Barcelona vs Ferencvaros


15:30 China Super League Shenzhen Kaisa vs Tianjin TEDA (first round 0-2)


19:35 China Super League Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao vs Hebei China Fortune (First round 3-1)


22:30 West Second Division Spanish vs Mirandez


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