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Michael Chandler, who just signed the UFC not long ago, will serve as a backup plan for the UFC 254 headline main game, in case the side of Habib Numangomodov and Justin Gage cannot play due to an accident.

不久前刚刚签署UFC的Michael Chandler将作为UFC 254头条主游戏的备用计划,以防Habib Numangomodov和Justin Gage的侧面因事故而无法参赛。

Although he may not be able to get the chance to play, the three-time former Bellator lightweight champion said that he trained very hard, even if he was notified to play an hour before the start of the game, he was fully prepared.


Habib is currently the most difficult player to defeat in the entire MMA sport. It is almost impossible for a challenger to even win the next round in a contest with him. However, Chandler said that he has prepared some new challenges for Habib that he has never seen before, and has even formulated a strategy to defeat his opponent.


"I think I am a better wrestler than him. I don't mean to disrespect his wrestling skills because he has indeed proven that he is the most devastating wrestler in the MMA sport. He will go forward desperately. Charge, control your opponent to the cage, pick up and fall, and control you firmly on the ground. Whether it is full suppression, unilateral suppression, cross suppression or half-side suppression, he is very dangerous in any position. But as far as I know, none of his opponents are Division-I wrestlers, and there are no Division-I wrestlers in the United States, and I am a Division-I wrestler in the United States. This is the same as those in high school. There is a natural difference between wrestling and the guy who stopped practicing wrestling for many years after starting his MMA career."


"The strategy against Habib is that I don’t think he will try to hug me. If he does, he won’t be able to suppress me on the ground. And I will hug him actively. What those guys he played against would do. If you watched the game between Habib and El Iaquinta, when he couldn’t fall down his opponent, his performance would become a bit messy and gradually break away from the original The style of play, because he knows that his standing strike technique is not very good. He knows that every time he wins, he relies on controlling the opponent to the cage, holding and falling down, and then hitting and suppressing on the ground. Each one The guys who played against him know the most basic tactic, that is, don’t be fallen by him, and I dare to sit here and tell you that I will not be fallen by him. I may have to wait until October 24 or It will take longer to have a chance to prove this, because I will challenge him for the title in the near future, for which I am already preparing."

“对付哈比卜的策略是,我认为他不会试图拥抱我。如果他这样做,他将无法在地面上压制我。我会积极拥抱他。他所打的那些家伙会如果您看过哈比卜(Habib)和伊亚昆塔(El Iaquinta)之间的比赛,当他无法摔倒对手时,他的表现会有些混乱,并逐渐脱离最初的比赛风格,因为他知道他的站立式射门技术并不是很好,他知道每一次获胜,他都依靠将对手控制在笼子里,抱住并摔倒,然后在地面上进行击打和压制,每个与他比赛的人都知道最基本的战术,也就是说,别被他摔倒,我敢坐在这里告诉你我不会被他摔倒,我可能要等到10月24日,否则将需要更长的时间来证明这一点,因为我将在不久的将来向他挑战冠军头衔,而我已经为此做好了准备。”

Although before the game, people are mostly optimistic about Habib's successful defense in UFC254, but Chandler said he is also looking forward to trying his skills with Gage. He praised Gage's performance when he defeated Tony Ferguson in UFC249 to become the lightweight interim champion. At the same time, he also said that he had discovered the loopholes in Gage, and an incredible excitement would erupt between himself and Gage. Duel, and finally won.


"Gage's battle with Ferguson in May made him look like the best lightweight player in the world. He was very calm and keen, and defeated Ferguson with a wonderful combination of attacks. He was second. He was knocked down during the round. After a short break between rounds, he was able to maintain that offensive ability, which is very remarkable. Therefore, the strategy against Geki is to keep both hands high to protect my head and chin, and He fought fiercely. I think I can drain him physically and win the victory step by step."


"I think my strength is stronger than Geki. I can combine striking and wrestling as well as ground fighting to be better than him. This battle will likely become the most exciting matchup in UFC history. Even though I don't I know whether this will be a temporary championship game, or a fight for the top challenge, or even an on ESPN headline game or just an ordinary game, but I believe this duel will happen one day."


If you get a chance to play at UFC254, Chandler said he is 100% ready. He will keep training every day and fly to Abu Dhabi in advance to reduce his weight to the lightweight standard weight of 155 pounds. If this event didn't use himself, Chandler would not rule out the possibility of temporarily playing against another player that night.


"My UFC debut opponent has not yet been finalized. Now I am a candidate for the Habib VS Gage lightweight championship on October 24. This is not to say that I expect some of them to retire due to injuries. I hope This duel can be played on time, which is the best for UFC. But it is always good to have a plan B for everything. Who is more suitable for this than me?"

“我的UFC首秀对手尚未最终确定。现在我是10月24日参加Habib VS Gage轻量级冠军的候选人。这并不是说我希望其中一些人因受伤而退赛。我希望这场决斗能够按时打球,这对UFC来说是最好的。但是,为所有事情制定计划B总是一件好事。谁比我更适合这个计划?”

No one commented, but quiet


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