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Beijing time on October 5th, the third game of the NBA Finals kicked off, the Heat vs. the Lakers. Dragic and Adebayor continued to miss this game, but the Heat relied on double-team defense to lock the thick eyebrows, causing the Lakers to make up to 10 turnovers in the first quarter. James led the team to support it hard, and at the end of the half, the Heat temporarily led 58-54 by 4 points. In the second half of the game, the Heat once used their lead to extend the lead to 14 points. The Lakers led by James in the final quarter to overtake briefly, but Butler also won the first triple-double of his playoff career and hit the key at the last moment. In the end, the Heat beat the Lakers 115-104 and chased the total score to 1-2.


Heat: Butler 40 points, 11 rebounds, 13 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks, Crowder 12 points and 8 rebounds, Duncan Robinson 13 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Hiero 17 points, Olynik 17 points and 7 rebounds;


Lakers: James 25 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, Davis 15 points and 5 rebounds, Morris 19 points and 6 rebounds, Kuzma 19 points.


The Heat still maintained the same starting lineup in the previous game. The Lakers continued to attack the inside after the opening, Howard dunked in the air, and James scored 2+1. But since then, the Heat have used active zone defense and double-teaming strategies to frequently cause the Lakers to make offensive mistakes, and Brother Nongmei couldn't even get his mobile phone. Butler counter-attacked a dunk and stormed the basket, Olynik made a free throw to kill, the Heat once led 22-9 by 13 points.

热火在上一场比赛中仍然保持着相同的首发阵容。开场后湖人继续进攻,霍华德扣篮得分,詹姆斯得到2 + 1。但是从那以后,热火就一直采用主动防区和双队策略,经常导致湖人犯下进攻失误,而农梅弟兄甚至都拿不到手机。巴特勒反击扣篮并冲进篮筐,奥林尼克罚球命中,热火一度以22-9领先13分。

James returned early to make consecutive free throw kills and gave Shiro a blood cap. Kuzma and Morris also broke out from outside the three-point line. The Lakers played a 14-3 wave in the second half of the quarter. At the end of the first quarter, the Lakers were only 3 points behind the Heat 23-26 with 10 turnovers.


In the second quarter of the game, Morris scored a three-pointer to tie the score, Iguodala sent a dunk, the two teams alternately led, Vogel requested a timeout due to a defensive loss by the Lakers. After the timeout, Brother Nongmei first made a three-pointer and then dunked, regaining a trace of face. Caruso and Claude made a three-pointer against each other, Butler scored 6 points in a row, and Vogel called the game again.


After the timeout, Brother Nongmei was called for an offensive foul, and he was forced to take a rest when he got his third foul. James broke through and scored 2+1, and also succeeded in three-point shots, but the Heat can always respond on the offensive end and continue to maintain a weak lead. JR-Smith made a three-pointer, Hiero made two free throws, halftime, and the Heat led 58-54 by 4 points.

暂停后,农美弟兄被要求进攻犯规,当他第三次犯规时被迫休息。詹姆斯突破并得分2 + 1,并且三分球也成功,但是热火总是可以在进攻端做出反应并继续保持弱势。 JR-史密斯三分球命中,希耶罗半OG真人厅场罚球两次,热火队以58-54领先4分。

Easy side battles again, Duncan Robinson and Hiero made three-pointers each, Meyers Leonard completed dunks, and three white players from the Heat teamed up to play a 10-0 wave of attack, opening the point difference to 14 points. Pope succeeded with a three-pointer, the thick eyebrows scored, Green made two free throws, and the Lakers responded with an 8-0 spurt.


Butler made a free throw to stop the bleeding, and then continued to break through to score points, James and the thick eyebrows blossomed inside and outside, Olynike made two long three-pointers, and the Heat opened the point difference to double digits. The thick eyebrows scored in the shot and completed the deduction. Kuzma made a three-pointer, and James made a layup in the final attack. After three quarters, the Heat led 85-80 by 5 points.


In the last quarter of the game, James broke through and scored 2+1, Olynyk and Crowder succeeded in consecutive baskets, James made two assists and Morris hit a three-pointer. The two teams tied for 89 and returned to the same starting line. The Heat's consecutive offenses failed, Rondo made a layup, and Spoelstra called the game to stop. After the timeout, Butler made a mid-range shot to stop the bleeding, and then assisted Olynyk with a three-pointer.

在比赛的最后一个季度,詹姆斯突破并得分2 + 1,奥林尼克和克劳德在连续的篮筐中成功,詹姆斯提供了两次助攻,莫里斯投中了三分。两队并列并列第89位,并返回相同的起跑线。热火连续进攻失败,朗多上篮得分,斯波斯特拉叫停比赛。暂停后,巴特勒进行中距离射门以止血,然后协助奥林尼克三分球。

Kuzma retaliated with a three-pointer, Olynik ate cakes at the basket, Pope made two free throws, and Shiro successfully attacked the basket again. Butler won his first triple-double in his playoff career, then turned around and made free throws with Kuzma. Morris continued with a three-pointer at the top of the arc. Butler scored 4 points in a row and almost killed the suspense of the game. Hilo scored 2+1. In the end, the Heat beat the Lakers 115-104 and tied the series to 1-2. .

库兹马用三分球发动了反击,奥林尼克在篮筐上吃了蛋糕,教皇罚了两球,史郎再次成功地进攻了篮筐。巴特勒在他的季后赛生涯中赢得了他的第一个三双,然后转身与库兹马一起罚球。莫里斯在三分线外继续三分球。巴特勒连续得分4分,几乎杀死了比赛的悬念。希洛独得2 + 1。最终,热火队以115-104击败湖人,并将系列赛并列为1-2。 。

Heat starting: Butler, Leonard, Claude, Hilo, Duncan Robinson


Lakers starting: James, Green, Pope, Howard, Davis


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