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With a two-game winning streak start, Barcelona took the Nou Camp to usher in the challenge of Seville. As the Champions of the UEFA Cup last season, he fought with Bayern in the UEFA Super Cup. After getting Rakitic, Sevilla has improved its strength this season. Before this game, they, like Barcelona, ​​were the only team in La Liga to maintain a full victory in the new season. Facing a menacing opponent,


As can be seen from the tactical board, Sevilla put up a 433 formation to deal with Barcelona's 4231. Through the rapid advance of the two wings, the visiting team looked for a chance to hit the Barcelona penalty area with a cross. Due to the defensive pressure on the two wings of Barcelona, ​​the team's wing attack was not successful.


As you can see from the animation above, Seville’s sideways are very smooth. This time Ocampos cut inside Roberto's defense area, Busquets' back defense jammed the ribs, Roberto blocked the opponent's cross, and gave a corner kick.


Let's take a look at this time Seville's counterattack, arguably their most successful offensive and defensive conversion. In front of the center line, Araujo failed to grab Ocampos. The opponent transferred the ball to the flank and gave it to Suso. Suso cut in and passed to Navas who was on the outside. The latter's cross almost found Fernando who was unmarked in the middle. Fortunately, this is a midfielder, not so good at grabbing points.

让我们看看这次塞维利亚的反击,可以说是他们最成功的进攻和防守转换。在中线前面,阿劳霍未能抓住奥坎波斯。对手将球传到了侧面,然后交给了​​苏索。 Suso切入,传给了外面的Navas。后者的十字架几乎找到了费尔南多,后者在中间没有任何标记。幸运的是,这是一名中场球员,不太擅长抢分。

As can be seen from the freeze frame during the retreat, Araujo had some shortcomings in experience. De Jong returned to defend and followed Fernando for the first time, but failed to follow his opponent when he changed defense.

从撤退期间的冻结帧可以看出,Araujo在经验上存在一些不足。德容(De Jong)返回防守并首次跟随费尔南多(Fernando),但在换防时未能跟随对手。

Sevilla is bound to get more corner kicks in the game because of this kind of play. Whether it is a short corner kick or a direct pass into the penalty area, this team has a lot of changes to the front point, back point and center.


Sevilla's shots in this field are actually more than 1 times than Barcelona, ​​the key is from the set-piece attack (6 times).


It can be seen from the animation that this time with a short corner kick, Suso's cross is given to the center. Barcelona's counterpoint defense is actually Coutinho PK Rakitic! Fortunately, the old general did not play the killer, and flew the ball head-on.


Let's take a look at the short corner attack this time. It is still a pass from Suso. Araujo faced Sevilla center L-De Jong at the back point. In front of Barcelona's Dutch midfielder De Jong competed with Seville defender Comte for the first place. Araujo had some problems with his observation position and attention, and he was thrown away by L-De Jong and led to a goal.

让我们看看这次的短角进攻。它仍然是Suso的通行证。阿劳约在回合面对塞维利亚中锋L-德容。在巴塞罗那的荷兰中场De Jong面前,他与塞维利亚后卫Comte争夺第一名。 Araujo的观察位置和注意力有些问题,被L-De Jong甩开并射门得分。

It can be clearly seen from the animation that Comte and De Jong competed for the first landing point. Araujo had an obvious daze. L- De Jong easily grasped the landing point and took the lead with a burst shot.

从动画中可以清楚地看到Comte和De Jong争夺第一个着陆点。 Araujo明显发呆。 L- De Jong轻松抓住了着陆点,并以一发一发的铅球率先领先。

Barcelona's offense was not doing well in this game, which is the intuitive feeling of almost every fan who watched the game.


It can be seen from the comparison of heat maps that although Sevilla is significantly less popular than Barcelona in advancing to the third area of ​​the attack. But they are at least a layer of light blue in the penalty area, and what Barcelona left in the penalty area in Seville is basically innocent black.


It can be seen very clearly from the position in the picture above, how did Barcelona speed up the first two games?


It can be seen from the animated picture that De Jong took the ball and got rid of it in a circle, and then wanted to pass to Messi. Messi is relatively accustomed to staying in the receiving position for more than 3 seconds, which will easily be targeted. De Jong's passing accuracy is not as good as Busquets, and Messi has been inefficient when he stops. This time De Jong's pass was broken, which was actually a routine operation.

从动画图片中可以看出,De Jong接住球并绕了一圈摆脱了球,然后想传给梅西。梅西习惯于在接收位置停留超过3秒,这很容易成为目标。德容的传球准确性不如布斯克茨,梅西停球时效率低下。这次德容的通行证被打破了,这实际上是例行操作。

Including this time is the same reason, Messi retraced to meet Roberto, who has already fully started. After Roberto handed over the ball, he changed positions with Messi, and he went forward to the middle of the field. Then Messi shifted the ball to the left, which was too formulaic. Coutinho's progress after taking the ball in the middle circle is believed to have been seen by more friends in the past two games. Messi is now retreating, which does not make much sense for Barcelona's speed up. Messi's advantage lies in the accuracy with which that foot transfers the ball to the left. But too much repetition of this kind of kick is actually a bit stiff.


As you can see from the picture above, when Messi retreated too much to the position of the midfielder, Coutinho found that he could only return to the striker. But Coutinho is really not good at this position, which led to an endless loop of Barcelona's frontcourt.


The greatest value of Messi's retracement is a beautiful transfer to find Alba on the left. This time the success brought back the goal. It is worth mentioning that Coutinho worked very hard. He tried to change positions with Messi and rushed into the penalty area. In fact, Barcelona's best at grab points is Griezmann. Griezmann can throw off the defender every time he runs. If there is a cross from the wing, Griezman is indeed the most efficient point for Barcelona. However, this time Navas made an own stop, so Alba failed to complete the assist, but instead allowed the diligent Coutinho to hit the second spot to complete the goal.


On the offensive end, Barcelona always try to get the people behind them to the striker to change positions and retreat Messi who took the ball.


It can be seen from the animation that Griezmann and Roberto flank the match and then cut into the middle. Messi retreats to get the ball more to find the left. As a result, Griezmann has very little chance of getting the ball twice. The more he runs, the less he can get the ball, and the worse his condition. In the second half, the dribbling dribble into the penalty area was too big and he failed to complete the shot, which showed Griezmann's paleness in this field.


From the statistics, it can be seen that in this field Barcelona sent the most critical passes and fouls on the offensive end, it was Busquets.


As you can see from the animated picture, perhaps everyone can't believe that this time the offense was actually a cross from Busquetsla, and it was De Jong who grabbed a shot from the penalty area. After replacing Griezmann, Fati and Coutinho, Barcelona's formation became extremely strange.

从动画图片中可以看到,也许每个人都不敢相信这次的进攻实际上是来自布斯克茨拉的十字架,而正是德·琼(De Jong)在禁区抓了射门。在取代格里兹曼,法蒂和库蒂尼奥之后,巴塞罗那的阵型变得极为陌生。

The most typical example is this attack. Pjanic made a beautiful push on the left flank, and his choice was to return Messi in the backcourt. At that time, if Messi was able to appear in a forward position, this would be an excellent attacking opportunity. As a result, Barcelona lost a striker and added a midfielder, and the advancing value of the midfield became extremely embarrassing.

最典型的例子就是这种攻击。 Pjanic向左后翼做了漂亮的推挤,他的选择是让梅西回到后场。那时,如果梅西能够出现在前锋位置,那将是一个绝佳的进攻机会。结果,巴塞罗那失去了一名前锋并增加了一名中场球员,而中场的不断上升的价值变得极为尴尬。

It can be clearly seen from the animation that Pjanic got a chance to pass the half-time after cooperating with Dest on the wing. Pjanic chose to pass Messi back because of lack of people on the front line


have to be aware of is,


It can be seen from the animated picture that this time Messi took the ball at the front of the front line and then sent a wonderful pass to Trincon, who was on the wing, creating a quasi-single-handed opportunity. Unfortunately, the Portuguese failed to grasp it. .

从动画图片中可以看出,这次梅西在前线的最前线接球,然后向边路的Trincon发了精彩的传球,创造了一个半人手的机会。不幸的是,葡萄牙语未能掌握它。 。

Let's take a look at this offense again. It came from Busquets' cross to find Messi on the wing. Messi rose up into the penalty area to create chaos, Trincon was given the opportunity to shoot. It can be seen from the slow motion that Messi’s breakthrough was suspected of fouling by his opponent, but unfortunately the referee did not call the penalty.


Such a draw is more or less the problem that Barcelona themselves have not used the resources at hand. After replacing the three attackers in the second half, even if you don't use French iron, letting Brethwaite play will have a better effect. The Barcelona midfielder's ability to advance within the league this season is still quite good.


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