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   Before the start of the game, Tianjin TEDA only scored 2 draws and 11 losses, which was at the bottom of Group B. It has not yet won a victory this season. The game against Wuhan Zall is more of a battle of honor. Wuhan Zall is currently ranked sixth in Group B with 16 points this season. They have suffered four consecutive defeats in the league. Martins's joining will strengthen the Wuhan striker. They need one in the last round of the first stage. A victory to boost morale. The two sides lost 1-2 to Zall in the first leg of the season.

比赛开始前,天津泰达只进了2平11负,这是B组的最低点。本赛季它尚未赢得胜利。与武汉扎尔的比赛更像是一场荣誉之战。武汉扎尔目前以16分排名B组第六名。他们在联赛中连续四次失利。马丁斯的加盟将增强武汉前锋的实力。他们在第一阶段的最后一轮中需要一个。鼓舞士气的胜利。双方在本赛季的第一回合中输给了Zall 1-2。

   After the start of the game, Tianjin Teda took the initiative to attack. In the first minute, Park Taoyu sent diagonally from the right into the penalty area. The teammates in the penalty area returned the ball. Achim Peng followed up with a volley and was blocked by the defender. In the 11th minute, TEDA sent a straight pass from the left. After Achim Peng's high-speed plugged in, he went all the way to the cross pass near the left side of the penalty area. Dong Chunyu made the first punt and let go, but he reacted quickly and immediately held the ball. live. For a while, the scene on both sides fell into dullness, and neither had a good chance to score. In the 41st minute, Wuhan got the chance of a free kick in the front court, and Nahor hit the goal directly and was blocked by the wall. In the first half, the two sides temporarily drew a goalless draw 0-0.

比赛开始后,天津泰达主动出击。第一分钟,朴桃雨从右路斜射入禁区。禁区内的队友将球传了回去。阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)进行了一次凌空抽射,被后卫阻止。在第11分钟,TEDA从左边左传出直传。在阿希姆·彭(Achim Peng)高速插上电源后,他一直走到禁区左侧附近的传球。董春雨做出了第一个平底锅,然后放开了,但他很快做出了反应,立即将球握住。生活。有一阵子,双方的场面陷入沉闷,而且都没有得分的好机会。在第41分钟,武汉获得了在前场任意球的机会,纳霍尔直接射门得分,被墙堵住。上半场,双方暂时无缘0-0战平。

   In the second half, the two sides changed sides to fight again. The offense of the two sides was still fragmented, and there was no decent offense and shooting. In the 55th minute, Cha Shiwei broke through with the ball and fell into the penalty area under the interference of Cong Zhen. The referee did not say at the first time, but under the VAR prompt, he chose to watch the video in person. Then he gave a penalty and Achim Peng took the penalty. The penalty kick went flying, and TEDA missed the deadlock. In the 81st minute, TEDA continued to attack, the midfielder TEDA picked a pass, Achim Peng single-handedly scored the ball, but the referee raised the flag to indicate that the offside was invalid. In the 88th minute, TEda gave a free kick to the middle, Su Yuanjie cut the ground and Dong Chunyu fell to the ground and hugged the ball. 5 minutes stoppage time in the second half. In the end, TEDA, who could not be attacked for a long time, drew 0-0 with Drow.

下半场,双方换了边再打。双方的进攻仍然零散,没有像样的进攻和投篮。在第55分钟,查世伟突破球,在丛镇的干扰下落入禁区。裁判第一次没有发言,但是在VAR提示下,他选择亲自观看视频。然后他判了点球,阿希姆·彭(Achim Peng)判罚。罚点球飞了起来,而TEDA却陷入了僵局。在第81分钟,泰达继续进攻,中场泰达传球,阿希姆·彭(Achim Peng)单手得分,但裁判升旗示意越位无效。在第88分钟,泰达开出任意球,苏元杰砍倒地面,董春雨倒在地上并抱住球。下半场有5分钟的补时时间。最后,长期无法受到攻击的泰达与卓尔(Drow)取得0-0的比分。



Wang Baoshan: This is the last game of the first stage. Due to the recent schedule is too dense, the players have suffered a lot of injuries, including suspended players, so we let young players with fewer opportunities to play more . Through their performance, I saw that the team did a good job on the defensive end and created good opportunities on the offensive end, but the result was a bit regretful. From the beginning of the league to the present, Achim Peng has not scored a goal. He is very eager to score. We also want him to break the goal shortage, but the penalty he missed is indeed a pity.


  I took over the team in the middle of the season. With such a tight schedule, I can only speed up the process of understanding the team. Due to the limited training time, I will give you more technical and tactical explanations on the tactical board. The team's points are ranked last. There are many aspects that need to be summarized. The next relegation battle will be more intense and cruel, which will bring great challenges to our work. However, in the second stage, our personnel will become more and more tidy. I hope that we can play a spirited outlook and play the overall tactical play, so that the self-confidence of the players will be improved.




   With an unbeaten record, in the final round of the first stage of the league, TEDA did, like the coach Wang Baoshan said before the game, playing the blood it deserves and showing the desire to win. This is Tianjin Teda's best game since the start of the 2020 Super League. Although the absolute scoring opportunities created are not many, and it failed to take away a victory as hoped, it at least allowed fans to see the bottom. The possibility of rebound and miraculous relegation in the second stage.


   Since the Dalian Division ended the first stage one day earlier than the Suzhou Division, and Tianjin TEDA also locked the bottom of Group B in advance, in the second stage, TEDA's first-round opponent was Shenzhen Kaisa, who ranked fifth in Group A. For the first relegation opponent in the second stage, TEDA is very familiar with it. More than 10 of the Shenzhen team are from the disbanded Tianjin Tianhai. For this reason, this game is also regarded as the 2020 season. An alternative "Tianjin Derby" in the Super League. It’s just such an opponent that can create many difficulties for Guangzhou Evergrande, Jiangsu Suning, and Shandong Luneng in the first stage. How can TEDA recharge and try to complete the relegation task early in the second stage? Wang Baoshan needs to be in the preparation period. The most important job.


On the other hand, TEDA’s opponent, Wuhan Zall, ranked sixth in Group B standings (16 points) before the start of this round, only 1 point behind fifth place Shijiazhuang Yongchang (17 points), and chose the opponent in the first round of the second round. , Has become the task of the two teams with similar points in this round. However, in another game at the same time, Beijing Guoan had already led Shijiazhuang Yongchang by a big score early. If Zall could score points against TEDA, they could reverse the standings and surpass Yongchang in fifth place. s position. In this way, in the second stage, Wuhan Zall will first face Henan Jianye, while Shijiazhuang Yongchang Yongchang will need to face Dalian.

另一方面,泰达的对手武汉扎尔在本轮比赛开始前的B组排名中排名第六(16分),仅落后第五名石家庄永昌1分(17分),并在第一轮比赛中选择了对手第二轮。 ,已经成为这轮比赛中两分相近的球队的任务。但是,与此同时,在另一场比赛中,北京国安已经早og真人电子网站早领先石家庄永昌。如果扎尔可以对泰达得分,他们可以逆转积分榜并超越永昌获得第五名。的位置。这样,在第二阶段,武汉扎尔将首先面对河南建业,而石家庄永昌永昌将需要面对大连。

   After this battle, TEDA finally ranked eighth in Group B with 3 points. Wuhan Zall relied on the advantage of the win-loss relationship to beat Shijiazhuang Yongchang in fifth. It’s a pity that TEDA’s best game this season failed to turn the advantage of the field into a victory. Achim Peng’s penalty kick ruined TEDA’s hope of winning the first stage. . However, the first stage is over. Fortunately, the new foreign aid Suarez is already eager to try. When he ends the isolation and the team returns to Tianjin, Wang Baoshan can adjust the team's state and prepare for the more intense relegation battle in the second stage. (Jinyun News reporter Yuan Xiaochen)

经过这场战斗,泰达最终以3分的成绩在B组中排名第八。武汉扎尔凭借输赢关系的优势,以第五名击败石家庄永昌。可惜的是,泰达本赛季最好的比赛未能将场地优势转化为胜利。彭敬s的点球大战毁了泰达赢得第一阶段比赛的希望。 。但是,第一阶段已经结束。幸运的是,新的外国援助苏亚雷斯已经渴望尝试。当他结束隔离并让球队返回天津时,王宝山可以调整球队的状态并为第二阶段的激烈降级战做准备。 (J云新闻记者袁小晨)

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