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   Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 14th, title: The "idle" horse during the epidemic-an interview with Beijing Enterprises coach Marbury


Li Bowen, reporter of Xinhua news agency, Wang Jingyu and Lin Derong

lib Owen, reporter of X in话news agency, Wang jin关于and Lind E榕

"I never thought about retirement. My player era is over, but the coaching era has just begun. I am not the kind of person who does nothing after retirement. If I live to 80 or 90, I will still work." Men's basketball coach Marbury said.


   It has been ten years since I came to China. In ten years, Marbury has brought three championships to Beijing and has fully integrated into life in China.


"Everything is natural. I just want to live here like a local. I want to come here, I want to blend in, and I want to be part of the culture here." Marbury said, "I am lucky to come to China. Before, I never thought I would come here to play, I would live here for 10 years, I never thought I would win a championship, have my own statue, this is a magical arrangement of fate."


   Before the outbreak in the United States, Marbury returned to China and underwent a nucleic acid test upon landing. "I waited for about 5 hours and the result was negative." At first, Marbury thought that he could walk around casually, but the community told him that he had to be isolated for 14 days. "I'm very lucky. I have a home here. I don't need to be isolated for so long in the hotel." I can't go out for 14 days. Marbury basically depends on takeaway. "I can use both Chinese and English takeaway software. I just look at the pictures for Chinese. , Take a screenshot and scan the words on it, you can know what it is.” Marbury said, “the other thing is to watch TV and make preparations about the coach.”

在美国爆发之前,马布里(Marbury)返回中国,降落后接受了核酸测试。 “我等了大约5个小时,结果是负面的。”起初,马布里(Marbury)认为他可以随便走走,但社区告诉他必须与外界隔离14天。 “我很幸运。我在这里有一个家。我不需要在酒店呆那么久。”我不能出去14天。马布里基本上依靠外卖。 “我可以同时使用中文和英文的外卖软件。我只看中文图片。抓拍屏幕快照并扫描文字,就可以知道它是什么。”马伯里说:“另一件事是看电视并为教练做准备。”

   In addition to ordering food and using chopsticks freely, Marbury's spicy skills are also trained in China. "I only started to eat spicy food after coming to China. About three or four years ago, I could eat very spicy food." Hot pot is his favorite. "There are also hot pots in the United States, but the soup base and dipping sauce are different, and the taste is much worse. Every time I go back to the United States, I get thinner." Marbury said. In addition to hot pot, he also likes Xinjiang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and Northeast barbecue. "Every time I go, I try local food."

除了免费点菜和使用筷子外,马伯里的辛辣技能也在中国接受了培训。 “来中国后我才开始吃辛辣食物。大约三,四年前,我可以吃非常辛辣的食物。”火锅是他的最爱。 “美国也有火锅,但是og真人电子网站汤底和蘸酱不同,而且味道更差。每次回到美国,我都会变瘦。”马布里说。除火锅外,他还喜欢新疆菜,广东菜和东北烧烤。 “每次我去的时候,我都会尝试当地美食。”

   Marbury said that his mother liked Chinese clothes very much and bought a lot of them. She would wear them to church when she returned to the US. "Seeing that she is also fascinated by the land I like, which makes me very happy." Marbury said. In front of the bronze statue of Marbury in Wukesong, Beijing, Marbury's mother cried. "This is an unforgettable moment for us. We are so grateful that a city can give you such an honor."

马伯里说,他的母亲非常喜欢中国的衣服,并买了很多。回到美国后,她会把它们戴在教堂里。 “看到她也对我喜欢的土地着迷,这让我感到非常高兴。”马布里说。在北京五棵松的马布里青铜雕像前,马布里的母亲哭了。 “这对我们来说是一个难忘的时刻。我们非常感激,一个城市可以给你这样的荣誉。”

   On March 8th, during the CBA shutdown period, Marbury wrote a letter to NBA President Xiao Hua, reminding him of the serious problems that may be caused by concentrated watching in the context of the epidemic. "Because I know that the CBA has been suspended, if people continue to watch football matches in the United States, the epidemic will spread faster. I feel that I have an obligation to share my thoughts and let them know the seriousness of the matter." Marbury said, " Xiao Hua replied to me, thanked me for my concern, and said that they are taking various preventive measures." On March 11, French center Gobert became the first NBA player to be tested for the new crown virus. The NBA also immediately announced the "shutdown" of the season.

3月8日,在CBA停工期间,马伯里给NBA总裁肖华写了一封信,提醒他在流行病背景下集中注意力可能会造成严重问题。 “由于我知道CBA已经被停赛,如果人们继续在美国观看足球比赛,这种流行病将会更快地传播。我感到我有义务分享自己的想法并使他们知道这件事的严重性。 ”马布里说:“小华回答OG真人厅了我,感谢我的关心,并表示他们正在采取各种预防措施。” 3月11日,OG真人厅法国中锋戈伯特成为首位接受新冠状病毒测试的NBA球员。 NBA还立即宣布了本赛季的“停工”。

  Marbury believes that the subsequent smooth rematch of the CBA is a very remarkable thing. "I remember that we had to do four nucleic acid tests before going to the competition area and stayed in one place. The league has done a lot of work, how to arrange the schedule, how to conduct disinfection and isolation between regions, how to ensure the safety of all participants, The smooth holding of the playoffs is a great thing in itself."

马伯里认为,CBA随后的平稳重赛是非常了不起的事情。 “我记得在进入比赛区域并停留在一个地方之前,我们必须做四项核酸测试。联盟做了很多工作,如何安排时间表,如何在区域之间进行消毒和隔离,如何确保所有参与者的安全,季后赛的顺利举行本身就是一件好事。”

   Marbury also set the portrait of Academician Zhong Nanshan as his Weibo background because he felt that such a hero should be known by more people. "At the beginning of the epidemic, there is such a person we can trust and give us guidance. I think this is very important. This is a matter of life and death, more important than earning money, work, etc., so we should pay tribute to such a person, let People know who he is."

马伯里还以钟南山院士的肖像作为微博背景,因为他认为这样的英雄应该为更多的人所熟知。 “在流行开始之初,就有一个我们可以信任并给予我们指导的人。我认为这很重要。这是生死攸关的问题,比赚钱,工作等更为重要,因此我们应该向这样的人致敬,让人民知道他是谁。”

   The new season of the CBA League will kick off on the 17th. Marbury has taken the Beijing Enterprises Men's Basketball Team to Zhuji, Zhejiang. They will complete the first phase of the nearly one-month period under strict prevention and control measures.


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