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   On September 27, the Spanish team where Chinese player Wu Lei belongs will challenge Real Oviedo in the away game. This is the team's first away game in the new season. As usual, Wu Lei published his personal column "Wu Lei Weekly" on Wednesday. He revealed that the draw in the second round made the team realize that the Spanish League B is very cruel and not easy to play.


   The author believes that behind this emotion, there are two meanings reflected. First, although the Spanish Second Division is the second level in Spain, the overall level is much higher than that of the Chinese Super League. Wu Lei, who has scored a goal in the Chinese Super League, is not easy to play in the Second Division. Second, Wu Lei's emotion is also a kind of euphemistic reminder that Chinese football needs to face up to the objective gap with the high-level European leagues. Fans and netizens should give the brave Chinese overseas players a relatively calm atmosphere.




   In the first round of the new season, the Spanish team where the Chinese player Wu Lei is located defeated Albacete 3-0 at home to get a good start. The starting Wu Lei scored a goal and provided an assist. In the second round of the second round, the Spaniard flattened Mallorca 0-0 at home, and Wu Lei did not play too eye-catching.


The Spaniard coach Moreno said after the game, "We did not have the usual fluency. When it is difficult for us to play, the most important thing is to keep the goal intact." Wu Lei also resumed the draw: " Before the game, the coach has been communicating with us and repeatedly emphasized that there should be no idea of ​​underestimating the Division 2 League. Our players are also prepared inside, knowing that the Division 2 is not easy. Wait until the game starts, the whole team really appreciates the coach's words Weight."


   Compared to Albacete, it is the mid-lower team of La Liga. The second-round opponent Mallorca also played La Liga last season. He is a difficult brother who was relegated with the Espanyol. Moreno coached Mallorca last season, only this season changed the court to pick up the Espanyol coach. "Before the game, the coach emphasized that don’t be fooled by the first victory, thinking that West Second Division is simple. The game against Mallorca will be very difficult. The actual game process also proves this. All the problems the coach said are directly reflected on the field. The last performance and the final score."

与阿尔巴塞特相比,它是西甲的中低级别球队。第二轮对手马洛卡上赛季也效力西甲。他是一个艰难的兄弟,被降级为西班牙人。莫雷诺上赛季曾执教过马洛卡,仅本赛季才改变了球场,以接替西班牙人教练。 “在比赛前,教练强调不要被首胜所愚弄,以为西二师很简单。对阵马洛卡的比赛将非常困难。实际的比赛过程也证明了这一点。教练说的所有问题直接反映在现场。最后的表现和最终的得分。”

   Wu Lei believes that the overall strength of the Spaniard is absolutely dominant in the entire Division II, but at this time it is more necessary for the team to have a good attitude. "The West Second Division team is more hardworking and more direct, especially when each team meets us, they have a stronger desire to play and want to prove themselves by defeating us." Wu Lei believes that opponents will use various Tactics, "Disrupt our game rhythm, let us follow their rhythm. In this situation, a stable mentality is extremely important."

吴磊认为,西班牙人的整体实力在整个II师中绝对占主导地位,但是目前这支球队要有良好OG真人厅的态度。 “西二分区的球队更加勤奋和直接,尤其是当每支球队遇到我们时,他们都有更强的比赛欲望,并希og真人电子网站望通过击败我们来证明自己。”吴磊认为,对手会使用各种战术,“打乱我们的比赛节奏,让我们跟随自己的节奏。在这种情况下,稳定的心态极OG真人厅为重要。”



   There are 22 teams in the West Second League, adopting the home and away game system, and a total of 42 rounds. Compared with La Liga, La Liga is significantly longer, with more variables, and higher requirements for the stability of the team. After the end of the season, the top two in the standings will be directly promoted to La Liga next season; third to sixth in the standings will be promoted to the play-offs to compete for a place to advance to La Liga next season. The last 4 teams in the standings are relegated to the West Division B League.


   The Espanyol team will usher in the third West Division League this week. Counting this there are 40 games left, but the whole league journey has just started. Wu Lei revealed that there are often "big dark horses" in the Second Division. For example, newly promoted horses can directly reach the top six and are expected to advance to La Liga. This is very common in the history of the Second Division. "La Liga is so cruel, every team wants to win, it is not so easy to win. Then we must not make the mistakes of last season, we must trust ourselves 100%. The current team's defense is still stable, as long as If you don’t lose the ball, plus a little patience, you will definitely have a chance to score and score."

西班牙人队将在本周迎来第三次西区联赛。算上还有40场比赛,但是整个联赛之旅才刚刚开始。吴磊透露,第二师经常有“大黑马”。例如,新晋马可以直接升至前六名,并有望晋升西甲。这在第二师的历史上很常见。 “西甲是如此残酷,每个球队都想赢,并不是那么容易。那么我们就不能犯上个赛季的失误,我们必须100%信任自己。只要球队保持防守就可以保持稳定如果您不丢球,再加上一点耐心,您肯定会有机会得分和得分。”

   Wu Lei also took the initiative: he could play more patiently and seek more opportunities for cooperation. "As long as our team can steadily score the first goal, and then score the second and third goals, it will be very easy. On the contrary, if we want to eat the opponent in one breath every time, we will be burdened with thoughts. In case the situation cannot be opened, the mentality will become more and more impatient, and finally the mentality will deteriorate. The 0-0 in the second game is a very good alert. Don't rush for quick success and quick gains, do the process well, and patiently seek victory can help. We walk more steadily."

吴磊也采取了主动行动:他可以更耐心地玩,寻求更多的合作机会。 “只要我们的球队能够稳定地打进第一个进球,然后再打进第二个和第三个进球,这将非常容易。相反,如果我们想一口气吃掉对手,我们将负担沉重。想法:如果情况无法解决,心态将变得越来越不耐烦,最后心态将恶化。第二局比赛0-0是一个很好的警报。不要急于快速成功和快速收获,做好流程,耐心地寻求胜利会有所帮助。我们走得更稳定。”

   Wu Lei also said that he is also a newcomer in the Second Division: "This is the Second Division. I believe that with the increase in away games, my understanding will be different."




   Last weekend, the media brought South Korean stars Sun Xingmin and Wu Lei together: Last Saturday, Sun Xingmin staged a big four to help Tottenham Hotspur win, and Wu Lei missed the goal of the Spanish team to get a tie. Some media chanted, "This is a sharp contrast", "The gap between Wu Lei and Sun Xingmin may be even greater than that of China and South Korea football."


   In the author's opinion, Sun Xingmin plays in the Premier League and Wu Lei plays in the second division. The strength of the Premier League Tottenham must be higher than the Spanish second division. Sun Xingyu went to Europe's five major leagues at the age of 16. He has played in Europe for 10 years. Wu Lei has only been abroad for the third year, and his overseas experience is not the same starting line. Judging from the football level of South Korea and China, the South Korean national team can enter the final stage in almost every World Cup. Chinese men's football has only entered the World Cup once in history, and Chinese and South Korean football are not in the same level. Therefore, a simple and rude comparison between Sun Xingmin and Wu Lei is undoubtedly "Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong", which is basically a false proposition.


In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Wu Lei once said about his experience of studying abroad, "The harvest is richer than I thought, and it can be said to be all-round. The most important thing is that I have seen the football system from top to bottom here. Operation, from echelon to adult team, football atmosphere, and ordinary people’s love for football are two experiences in China. But on the other hand,


Wu Lei told Xinhua News Agency, “As for what I can personally bring to Chinese football, I’m a little lonely. I’ve always said that if China can have 20 or 30 players in such an environment, even if it can play in the secondary leagues. If you can really feel the game, it will be helpful to Chinese football after I go back. Now I can only say that I see the gap here, but I am a little helpless in the face of the gap."


   Actually, there are more Chinese fans supporting Wu Lei because he can see the shadow of Chinese football. Although the national football team has to go through ups and downs every step it takes, and it often faces doubts and ridicules, it still bravely moves forward and does not forget to chase dreams. In fact, for the development of Chinese football, Sun Xingmin and Wu Lei should not be compared, but the number of children playing football in South Korea, Japan and China should be compared. In this way, you will find the answer.




"In Spain, I see people playing football on the road every day. After school, the children are all on the playground and on the concrete floor. Not all on the green grass, but everywhere. With this foundation, you can still play. Worried that football results will not improve?


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