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Luo Yonghao once said that the sturdy life does not need to be explained, and obviously Venables is also very sturdy. Venables was born in Duggenham in 1943. When he was only ten years old, he and his father became an avid fan-if placed now, it would be Urtas standing in the curved stands. Such children are often referred to as "Boy Scouts"-they are rare objects on the court. Different from the immaturity shown by other children, the young Venables will use "F**K" to greet the visiting team players. (1)

罗永浩曾经说过,坚固的生活不需要解释,显然维纳布尔斯也很坚固。 Venables于1943年出生在杜格纳姆(Duggenham)。当他只有10岁时,他和他的父亲成为了狂热的粉丝-如果现在放下,那就是Urtas站在弯曲的看台上。这些孩子通常被称为“童子军”-他们在球场上是稀有物品。与其他孩子表现出的不成熟程度不同,年轻的Venables将使用“ F ** K”来迎接来访的团队成员。 (1)

Just like a Tieba netizen said, "You can tell from here, he has to play football, right"


As the saying goes, "Unexpectedly,", like the "predicted Messi", Venables, who was only fourteen years old in 1957, joined Chelsea's U16 echelon. Just two years ago, Chelsea had just won the League One championship. At that time, Chelsea’s youth academy could be said to be that many young footballers “want to get in”. According to Venables' own statement, "I used a little magic for Chelsea's assessment coach at the time." Later Graham Taylor recalled that Venables told him that Venables, who was only fourteen years old, gave Chelsea coach a full 500 pounds as a kickback.

俗话说,“出乎意料”,就像“梅西”一样,1957年才十四岁的维纳布尔斯加入了切尔西的U16梯队。就在两年前,切尔西刚刚获得了联赛冠军。当时,切尔西的青年学院可以说是许多年轻的足球运动员“想进来”。根据Venables自己的说法,“我当时为切尔西的评估教练使用了一些魔术。”后来格雷厄姆·泰勒(Graham Taylor)回忆说,维纳布尔斯告诉他,只有14岁的维纳布尔斯给了切尔西教练500英镑作为回扣。

In 1960, Venables, who was only seventeen years old, joined the Chelsea team. In order to play more games to accumulate fame, Venables took the initiative to ask "to participate in the Chelsea youth team at the same time." According to the relevant statistics of the FA, Venables' attendance rate in the 1960 season reached 55% in the FA Youth Cup and 51% in the 1961 season. In the past two years, Chelsea have won the FA Youth Cup.


Before the new millennium, Chelsea had these two Youth FA Cups, which is why Aston Villa and many other British teams always laugh at Chelsea for "not working in youth training".


In the 1964-65 season, Venables became the main force of Chelsea Football Club. As the team’s backbone player, Venables "frequently gives advice." Tommy Docherty, the former Chelsea coach, later said: "Venables’ speech is far more provocative than me. It seems that he I especially liked this style. He was in the dressing room and was arrogant, and then he started to confront me, and then there was the confrontation after drinking."

在1964-65赛季,维纳布尔斯成为切尔西足球俱乐部的主力。作为团队的骨干力量,Venables“经常提供建议”。切尔西前教练汤米·多切蒂(Tommy Docherty)随后说:“维纳布尔斯的讲话比我更具挑衅性。他似乎让我特别喜欢这种风格。他在更衣室里傲慢自大,然后开始与我面对面,然后喝酒后发生了对抗。”

The so-called drunk standoff is because before the FA Cup final, Doherty asked the players to have a curfew. But Venables once told him, "I will never submit to any authority." And the hero who scored the winning goal in the final also practiced what he said before the game-he took seven players to "run away from Cao Ying on a snowy night" and went straight to the pub for a night of drinking. This is Chelsea's star player who has played for more than 200 games and scored 26 goals, so he parted ways with Chelsea.


"Why Gascoigne understands me, because I was Gascoigne when I was young" Venables's words, thinking about it now, I still remember it.


In 1974, the 31-year-old Venables joined Crystal Palace. He clearly knew that his career should be over. This "loyal general", named Chelsea, Tottenham, and QPR, who has played for more than 100 games, chose to leave the team and joined the Irish St. Patrick's Club after playing for the Crystal Palace for only half a season and 14 games. Venables once said: "I hope to join a worse league and enjoy the feeling of lying down and winning." But after only playing two games, Venables felt that "the level of this league is too high, I played a bit uncomfortable" and returned to England.

1974年,年仅31岁的Venables加入水晶宫。他清楚地知道自己的职业生涯应该结束了。这位名叫切尔西,热刺和QPR的“忠实将军”已经参加了100多场比赛,在为水晶宫效力仅半个赛季和14场比赛后,选择离开球队并加入爱尔兰圣帕特里克俱乐部。 。 Venables曾经说过:“我希望加入更糟糕的联盟,享受躺下并获胜的感觉。”但是在仅仅玩了两场比赛之后,维纳布尔斯感到“这个联赛的水平太高了,我打得有些不自在”,然后回到了英格兰。

Is it very familiar? Gascoigne played for Gansu Tianma but played a few hastily, and then returned to China to "take care of his family".


In 1976, Venables returned to Crystal Palace, succeeding Malcolm Allison as the head coach of Crystal Palace. Having such a young person as the head coach of Crystal Palace caused an uproar in the media at the time. But in the hearts of the fans, there is no problem-in the Chelsea era, the media revealed that Venables likes to give pointers to coaches or even take the lead, and let him be the head coach. What will happen? The team and the fans won the bet. When Venables first became the head coach of Crystal Palace, the team was still in the third division. In the first season of coaching, Crystal Palace was always in the forefront of the promotion. Before the end of the season, he defeated the upgraded opponent Rexham 4-2 in the final battle 1 point temporarily overwhelmed the opponent to grab third place-the last promotion seat. The last league game Crystal Palace lost to the eventual champion Mansfield, but this is no longer important.

1976年,Venables返回水晶宫,接任马尔科姆·艾莉森(Malcolm Allison)担任水晶宫的总教练。像水晶宫的总教练这样年轻的人在当时引起了媒体的轩然大波。但是在球迷心中,这没有问题-在切尔西时代,媒体透露维纳布尔斯喜欢指点教练甚至带头,让他担任主教练。会发生什么?车队和球迷赢得了赌注。当Venables首次成为Crystal Palace的总教练时,该团队仍处于第三部门。在执教的第一个赛季,水晶宫一直处在晋升的最前沿。在赛季结束前,他在决赛中以1比4击败了升级后的对手雷克瑟姆,暂时压倒了对手,获得了第三名-最后一个晋升席位。上一场联赛水晶宫输给了最终的冠军曼斯菲尔德,但这已不再重要。

That season, Wrexham (Wrexham, who had previously published an introduction) entered the European Cup Winners Cup as the Welsh Cup champion and successfully reached the quarterfinals. The British media generally believe that the victory of Crystal Palace is a weak victory.


In the first season after the upgrade, Crystal Palace ranked ninth in the league, and in the second season, Crystal Palace was successfully upgraded to another level and successfully won the promotion seat. That season, Crystal Palace only conceded 24 goals in 42 league games, and it is still the club's record for the least conceded in a single season. Because of the many potential young players in the team, the media at the time called the Crystal Palace "the team of the eighties" (the team of the eighties).


After winning the second division championship, Venables was obviously angry under the continuous questioning of the media, and directly offered a killing god-level quotation-This is my life. The implication is that you can't control how I manage the team. You don’t need to know what tactics I used. This is my exclusive moment.


Perhaps in our memory, there were two people who dared to express their feelings in this way, one named Huang Zitao and the other named Wang Ziru.


Huang Zitao once said "I won't just take a dog like this", Venables didn't say so, but he did. In his life, there are countless people who want him to die, including the Jewish businessman, Alan Shuge, the founder of Amstrad. But now, Venables is alive and happily.

黄子韬曾经说过:“我不会像这样养狗”,维纳布尔斯没有这么说,但他做到了。在他的一生中,有无数的人想让他死,包括犹太商人阿姆斯特拉德的创始人艾伦·舒格(Alan Shuge)。但是现在,Venables还活着并且快乐。

In 1984, under the recommendation of Bobby Robson, Venables entered the Nou Camp. Robson later stated that "Barca has two great pioneering works, one is the introduction of Cruyff and the other is the introduction of Venables." We don't know if Robson is paving the way for his friends, but we only know that Robson has always rated Venables' coaching skills very highly. Venables adopts a traditional 4-4-2 formation that has always been English-style playing, with outstanding defenders such as Gerardo, Migueli and Giulio Alberto. (Julio Alberto), together with the running midfield line led by German player Schuster, won the La Liga championship and Spanish League Cup trophy for the team during the three seasons at the helm, and led the team to the Champions League final . In the Champions League final, Barcelona and the Bucharest Stars still had no record after the extra time. The players of the first two rounds of the penalty shootout were still unable to kick the ball into the net. The following two rounds of the Stars players all scored, but Barcelona still hangs zero. , All four penalty kicks were missed to 0-2 and finished second.

1984年,在鲍比·罗布森(Bobby Robson)的推荐下,维纳布尔斯(Venables)进入了诺坎普(Nou Camp)。罗布森后来说:“巴萨有两项伟大的开拓性著作,一项是克鲁伊夫的介绍,另一项是维纳布尔的介绍。”我们不知道罗布森是否为他的朋友们铺平道路,但是我们只知道罗布森一直对维纳布尔斯的教练技能评价很高。 Venables采用传统的4-4-2阵型,一直都是英式风格,并拥有出色的后卫,例如Gerardo,Migueli和Giulio Alberto。 (朱利奥·阿尔贝托(Julio Alberto))与德国选手舒斯特(Schuster)一起领导的中场线在三个赛季的掌舵中赢得了西甲联赛冠军和西班牙联赛杯奖杯,并带领球队闯入了冠军联赛决赛。在冠军联赛决赛中,加时赛过后,巴塞罗那和布加勒斯特之星仍然没有记录。点球大战的前两轮比赛的球员仍无法将球踢入网中。接下来的两轮“明星”球员全部得分,但巴萨仍然保持零。 ,所有四个罚点球都被丢到0-2并获得了第二名。

To this day, many Barcelona fans have deducted the culprit for the loss of the championship to Venables. Is it true? We may wish to review the promotion of the two teams. In the knockout stage, the Bulgast stars eliminated Denmark Vejle in the knockout stage (total score of 5 to 2), Budapest defenders of Hungary (total score of 4 to 2), and Finland Lahti 69 (total score of 1). To 0), Anderlecht, Belgium (total score 3 to 1). The opponents Barcelona they eliminated successively were Czechoslovakia’s Sparta Prague (total score of 2 to 2), Porto, Portugal (total score of 3 to 3), Italian Juventus (total score of 2 to 1), Sweden Gothenburg (total score) 3 to 3, penalty shootout 5 to 4).

直到今天,许多巴塞罗那球迷都将造成冠军损失的罪魁祸首归咎于维纳布尔斯。是真的吗我们不妨审查一下两个团队的晋升情况。在淘汰赛阶段,保加利亚球星在淘汰赛阶段淘汰了Dandan Vejle(总得分为5比2),匈牙利的布达佩斯后卫(总得分为4比2)和芬兰Lahti 69(总得分为1)。到0),比利时安德莱赫特(总比分3:1)。他们相继淘汰的对手巴塞罗那是捷克斯洛伐克的布拉格斯巴达(总比分2至2),葡萄牙波尔图(总比分3至3),意大利尤文图斯(总比分2比1),瑞典哥德堡(总比分)3至3,点球大战5至4)。

No matter how we think, Barcelona's starting left midfielder Max once said, "Without Venables we might be out at the beginning of the knockout." This Max comes from a football family, and his son is Max Alonso, who performed well in the previous Chelsea match against Tottenham. Max Alonso once said, "The advice to play well at Chelsea comes from my father", while the old Max once clearly stated: "Venables once told me that if you want your offspring to choose football, Chelsea is the best choice".


Because of losing to Dundee United in the European war and an unsuccessful whole season, Venables was swept out by Barcelona in September 1987. But we also have to say that Ratke, who has been hailed as "the first coach of the Federal Republic of Germany", is not as good as Venables as a foreign coach in Barcelona. Moreover, Venables was the best coach in the world in 1985-selected by "World Football" magazine, recognized as the highest award for coaches in the world.

由于在欧洲战争中输给了邓迪联队(Dundee United)以及整个赛季都没有成功,维纳布尔斯(Venables)在1987年9月被巴塞罗那踢出。但我们还必须说,拉特克曾被誉为“德意志联邦共和国的第一任教练” ”,不如巴塞罗那的外国教练逊于维纳布尔斯。此外,Venables是1985年被《世界足球》杂志评选为世界最佳教练,被公认为是世界上教练最高奖项。

The coach with the most in the first week of the La Liga standings in Barcelona history (number of weeks): Pep Guardiola (87); Frank Rijkaard (85); Linus Michels (63) ; Terry Venables (60); John Cruyff (59); Louis Van Gaal (58); Louis Enrique (55); Ernesto Barberd ( 50). Guashuai needless to say, Rijkaard is regarded as the creator of the dream team, Michels is the godfather of all-around football, and Venables is the "black gold coach" and "lie coach". To

巴塞罗那历史上西甲排名第一周(周数)最多的教练是:瓜迪奥拉(87岁);弗兰克·里卡德(Frank Rijkaard)(85);莱纳斯·米歇尔斯(63)特里·维纳布尔斯(60);约翰·克鲁伊夫(59);路易斯·范·加尔(58);路易·恩里克(55);埃内斯托·巴伯(50)。不用说瓜斯怀,里杰卡尔德被认为是梦之队的创造者,米歇尔是全能足球的教父,维纳布尔斯则是“黑金教练”和“谎言教练”。至

These two short periods of national team coaching time confirmed a point of view, that is, Venables can indeed bring the temperament of "bonding the team" and also bring "new style", but Venables first " He is a chef, not a chef." He may be the head chef, but he cannot be the lobby manager. When coaching the club, he needs a good transfer manager and financial adviser to be his right-hand man, because Venables's lack of vision in the election aid-Sun Jihai and Fan Zhiyi joined the Crystal Palace based on the advice of their assistants, Venables even It was released directly without careful inspection, and the two were given a high degree of trust. In addition, Venables seems to have no idea about finances. He has been making money, but he has also been losing money. Wei Shuai is now seventy-seven years old, but his savings have not exceeded one million pounds.

这两个短暂的国家队执教时间证实了一种观点,那就是Venables确实可以带来“联队”的气质,也可以带来“新风格”,但是Venables首先是“他是厨师,而不是厨师”。 。”他可能是主厨,但不能担任大厅经理。在执教俱乐部时,他需要一位优秀的调动经理和财务顾问来担任他的得力助手,因为Venables在选举援助中缺乏远见-孙继海和范志毅根据其助手Venables的建议加入了水晶宫。甚至在没有仔细检查的情况下直接将其发布,并且两者之间获得了高度信任。此外,Venables似乎对财务一无所知。他一直在赚钱,但他也一直在亏钱。魏帅现在已经七十七岁了,但是他的积蓄还没有超过一百万英镑。

He is a naive football kid who always wants to manage everything, but in the end he finds that he is only suitable for managing players. After hitting the wall countless times, he finally realized that he was already over the past few years.


Venables looked like two people-Gascoigne and Luo Yonghao. These two people have been doing what they like, regardless of the cost, regardless of the reward, and ended up with mixed reputations. Venables and author Gordon Williams (Gordon Williams) co-wrote four novels, these four novels were later adapted by the British Independent Television (ITV) into the detective series Hazell (Hazell). In addition, Venables once personally hosted the radio show "I'm Venables", and watched the league results every weekend and slammed Fang Qiu. Among other things, the British drunks still love to listen. In the 1980s, Venables, the coach at the time, served part-time as the BBC narrator-England Gong Lei, and worked until the age of seventy-in 2013. He has been on many TV stations, and even went to Bein Sports once two years ago.

Venable看起来像两个人-Gascoigne和Luo Yonghao。这两个人一直在做自己想做的事,而无论付出的代价如何,无论获得的报酬如何,最终都得到了不同的声誉。韦纳布尔斯和作家戈登·威廉姆斯(Gordon Williams)共同撰写了四本小说,后来这四部小说被英国独立电视台(ITV)改编为侦探系列剧《哈塞尔》(Hazell)。此外,Venables曾经亲自主持过广播节目“ I'm Venables”,并在每个周末观看联赛结果并抨击方球。除其他外,英国醉汉仍然喜欢听。在1980年代,当时的教练Venables担任英国广播公司(BBC)的解说员龚刚(Nongland Gong Lei)的兼职,并一直工作到2013年70岁。他曾在许多电视台任职,甚至去过Bein Sports两年前一次。

In 1981, the head coach of QPR was Terry Venables. During his tenure, the team used artificial turf provided by Omnift at Loftus Road Stadium. The first British professional league played on artificial turf was the Queen’s Park Rangers vs. Luton in September. The latter became the second club in the UK to use artificial turf in 1985. To this day, Venables is still widely regarded as the "father of artificial turf in British football."

1981年,QPR的主教练是特里·文布尔斯(Terry Venables)。在他任职期间,该团队使用了由Loftus Road Stadium的Omnift提供的人造草皮。 9月,英国首个用人造草皮打球的职业联赛是女王的公园巡游者队与卢顿队。后者在1985年成为英国第二家使用人造草皮的俱乐部。迄今为止,Venables仍然被广泛认为是“英国足球人造草皮之父”。

Gary Neville spoke highly of Venables in his autobiography. He said that Venables "told us to be united at all times. Don't leave your teammates off the boat or make clear boundaries." Venables later collaborated with Neville to make a film called "Football Truth", but it was not released.

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)在自传中高度评价维纳布尔斯。他说,维纳布尔斯“始终要求我们团结一致。不要让队友下船或划清界限。” Venables随后与Neville合作制作了一部名为“足球真相”的电影,但并未发行。

In 1990, Venables created a simulation league called "Venables invites you to be the head coach of football". The mode of this league is to invite players to become virtual coaches of virtual teams, and players conduct transfers and match simulations. , And finally deduced the score of the game-this is exactly the model of the simulation game we are now familiar with. Venables is not the father of British simulation games, but he has pushed simulation games to a new level by relying on his reputation. The competition committee at the time of the 2019 China Simulation Game Champions Cup was also invited by the British "TVSL" to participate, but because the competition committee was not familiar with English at the time, it finally gave up. It was later confirmed that the so-called TVSL was the simulated league created by Venables in 1990. Because of language barriers, the best opportunity for Sino-British simulation game communication is so regrettably staggered...

1990年,Venables建立了一个模拟联盟,名为“ Venables邀请您成为足球的主教练”。这个联赛的模式是邀请玩家成为虚拟团队的虚拟教练,然后玩家进行转会和比赛模拟。 ,最后得出游戏的得分-这正是我们现在熟悉的模拟游戏的模型。 Venables不是英国模拟游戏之父,但他依靠自己的声誉将模拟游戏推向了一个新的高度。 2019年中国模拟游戏冠军杯的比赛委员会也应英国“ TVSL”的邀请参加比赛,但由于比赛委员会当时不熟悉英语,因此最终放弃了比赛。后来证实,所谓的TVSL是Venables在1990年创建的模拟联赛。由于语言障碍,令人遗憾地错开了中英模拟游戏交流的最佳机会。

No one knows exactly when Venables started to leave football, but the last time he made a big deal was twenty years ago.


He described himself as a coach. Borrow the title of a book-"Golden Globe".


Weishuai's overall winning rate in history




(1) From Venables’ autobiography "Born to be Handsome", it is true or not, nobody knows, after all, he himself is over 70, so there is no place to ask his father.


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