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The first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League has ended, and the first stage of the Chinese Premier League is nearing its end. This season's league has all been whistled by the local referee, and there have been many controversial penalties in the league. In this regard, Red Star News interviewed Yan Chengbin, a national referee of the Chinese Football Association, and interpreted the issues raised by the referee this season.


"According to the process of the Chinese Football Association, the controversial penalty will be submitted to the jury committee of the referee committee. The jury is an independent body that will evaluate the penalty. Whether the qualitative penalty is correct or not, the decision of the jury is the final decision."


"From the point of view of the accuracy of the penalties this year, it should have improved a lot, but because this year's league is relatively concentrated, three days a game, so there are so many complaints in a short time, which makes people feel that the referee has a big problem. At the end of the round, there were far more than 9 complaints from the club."


At the same time, Yan Chengbin believes that another reason is that Guoan has a lot of complaints from influential clubs, which has attracted more attention. Yan Chengbin continued: "In fact, many complaints, including Guoan, were judged correctly by the panel, and there were not many wrong judgments this season."


Yan Chengbin took the game between Kunshan FC and Heilongjiang FC as an example: "The penalty kick of Kunshan FC, I personally think it is indeed a penalty. As for the conflicts on the court, I guess it has something to do with the accumulation of the whole game. The outbreak. There are several possibilities for conflict. One is that the player’s mentality has changed, and dissatisfaction with referees or opponent players has accumulated to a certain degree on the field. This is also an old problem of Chinese players. At the same time, there is also the mentality of referees. Referees on the court should pay attention to whether the mentality of the players or coaches has changed. If they have psychological knowledge, they may avoid this from happening."


Yan Chengbin also believes that the blow of Chengdu Xingcheng’s goal is indeed a misjudgment, but he said that it is indeed difficult to judge the ball without the assistance of a video referee. “Look at the top of the two players from 30 meters away. , The assistant referee is very difficult. While observing the challenge, he also observes the offensive players' running positions. In this game, the assistant referee paid too much attention to the two players' challenge and forgot to look at the runners. The assistant referee did not raise the flag immediately. He himself has doubts. FIFA requires referees to put down their flags when they are in doubt, but this is also a mistake in a normal offside penalty."

严成斌还认为,成都兴城射门的打击确实是一种误判,但他说,如果没有视频裁判的协助,很难判断球。 “看看30米外的两名球员的顶端。 ,助理裁判员很难。在观察挑战的同时,他还观察了进攻队员的跑位。在这场比赛中,助理裁判过多地关注了两位选手的挑战,忘了看跑步者。助理裁判员没有立即升起国旗。他本人对此表示怀疑。国际足联要求裁判员在怀疑时放下他们的旗帜,但这在正常的越位犯规中也是错误的。”

Yan Chengbin said: "There have been many complaints from clubs this year. This is first of all clubs' rights. On the other hand, it is also a question of the mentality of our football environment. We cannot correctly understand the outcome. FIFA has the principle of fair play and has always emphasized how to treat victory. Negative, unconditional obedience to the penalty, this is also the requirement of coaches and athletes in fair competition. We are not very good at this point, and the mental fluctuations have caused a lot of controversy. But from the overall judgment, I personally I feel that these controversial penalties are within the scope of the rules, and some of the scales may not be exactly the same. But for us so many referees, it is almost impossible to be exactly the same as the machines. The Chinese Football Association also requires the referees to be as close as possible."


At the same time, he also believes that there are many shortcomings in the popularization of rules: "As a referee, I think the complaints made by some clubs are inexplicable. As a football practitioner, they don't understand the rules at all."

同时,他还认为,规则的普及存在很多缺点:“作为裁判员,我认为一些俱乐部的抱怨是无法解释的。作为一名足球从业人员,他们根本不理解规则。 ”

Yan Chengbin believes that it is not just players and referees that need to be further strengthened in professionalism. If the penalty is to be more accurate, all aspects including media, broadcasting, and technical processing need to be strengthened. He cited the Premier League as an example: "After a match in the Premier League, if there is a complaint against the referee, the video will go to the Disarmament Committee or the deliberation body immediately, and the result will usually be announced in a few hours. But our side I really can’t do it. After a game in the Super League, the review team may not be able to get people together on the day. This is not just a problem with the Football Association, but also the technical department, video production department, and broadcast department."


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