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Hupu News on September 29 After the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai SIPG and Guangzhou Evergrande led the standings in the two divisions respectively. According to "Shangguan News", both teams are hot for the championship, but there is a huge gap in the composition of the two teams: the presence or absence of naturalized players and the depth of substitute players are the X elements that dominate the championship process.


Due to the impact of the previous epidemic, the Chinese Super League needs to compress the schedule. Now the second stage adopts a cross-qualification system. This kind of cup-like competition system is more exciting and suspenseful. The championship group and the relegation group have 3 rounds of elimination, each round playing 2 rounds, until the final ranking is determined. In other words, each team will play 6 more games, and the 2020 Super League championship will emerge.


As the top teams in the two divisions, Evergrande and SIPG rely on their strength advantages to seize relatively favorable terrain. The first place in the division and the fourth in another division: Shanghai SIPG and Shenhua's "Shanghai Beach Derby", Guangzhou Evergrande and Hebei China's "Naturalized Derby", from this.


Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG enjoy the "seed team treatment", and the teams that compete in the cup are relatively low-ranked teams. However, it is precisely because of the two-round knockout system that amplifies the accidental factors of the game. In addition, the strength of the teams in the championship group is relatively close. The so-called higher-ranked teams are actually at risk of being upset.


From the data point of view, Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG have become the leaders in the competition, and they deserve their names. In the first stage of the 14 games, Evergrande led the Dalian Division with 11 wins, 1 loss, 2 draws and 34 points. SIPG led the Suzhou Division with 10 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses with 32 points. It is worth mentioning that Evergrande and SIPG are not the teams with the most goals. Beijing Guoan is proud of its 36 goals, leading Evergrande’s 31 goals and Shanghai SIPG’s 26 goals, but Shanghai Hong Kong conceded the least 11 goals, Evergrande only conceded 12 goals, and Guoan actually conceded 19 goals.

从数据上看,恒大和上海SIPG已成为竞争的领导者,他们应有的名字。在14场比赛的第一OG真人厅阶段中,恒大以11胜1负2平和34分领先大连分区。 SIPG以32积分领先10胜2平2负的成绩领先苏州分区。值得一提的是,恒大和SIPG并不是进球最多的球队。北京国安队以自己的36个进球,领先恒大的31个进球和上海SIPG的26个进球而感到自豪,但上海香港承认至少11个进球,恒大仅承认了12个进球,国安实际上承认了19个进球。

In the final game of the first stage of the Super League, since Evergrande and SIPG had locked up the first place in the competition, they sent substitute players to appear. The difference is that Guangzhou Evergrande, the old and new, easily won the game, while the Shanghai SIPG team, which started in the all-China class, was completely suppressed by Chongqing Lifan and finally lost. Obviously, in terms of bench depth, the eight-time champion Guangzhou Evergrande is really better than the Shanghai SIPG team.


It is also a rotation. Evergrande adopts a strategy of matching new and old with both internal aids: veterans play with new players, and foreign aids play with local players. With Paulinho, Talisca, Elkeson, Fernando, and Park Chi-soo, five foreign-aided generals are in the line. With the captain Zheng Zhi sitting in the midfield, Evergrande’s youngest "post-00" player Wu Shaocong in this campaign , Performing eye-catching in the key central defender position, showing a strong bench depth.

这也是旋转。恒大采取将新旧两用的内部辅助手段相匹配的策略:退伍军人与新球员一起比赛,外援与本地球员一起比赛。保利尼奥,塔里斯卡,埃克森,费尔南多和朴智秀等五名外援将领齐头并进。在这场比赛中,恒大队长郑智坐在中场,恒大最年轻的“ 00后”球员吴少聪,在关键的中后卫位置上表现抢眼,板凳深度很强。

In contrast, SIPG teamed up in the final game with substitute players as the starting point for the all-China class. However, facing the four foreign players pressed by Chongqing Contemporary, there is a big gap in the overall ability of these substitute players. Especially Lin Chuangyi, Cai Huikang, Chen Binbin and other players who made few appearances this season were replaced by coach Pereira with foreign aid after halftime. Two central defenders including Shi Ke and Yu Rui also made major mistakes when defending against strong foreign players.


In the second stage of the Super League, the schedule is very intensive and the competition is very intense. It only depends on the 11-person starting lineup to support it, which is relatively risky. Once the main players encounter accidents such as injuries, red card suspensions, etc., the team needs "bench gangsters" to come forward, and the contribution is the combat power. It is also the leader of the competition area. Evergrande has obviously more bench thickness in this regard, and it is estimated that it will also allow the SIPG coaching staff to tap the gap in personnel reserves.


In the first stage of the Chinese Super League, the most news bombing game was Evergrande sweeping Shenhua 4-1. In this game, Evergrande presented 3 registered foreign players, 2 non-blood naturalized, and 1 blood naturalized "6 foreign aids" starting. In the 11 starting lineup, foreign faces surpassed Chinese faces. This is in the entire Super League. For the first time in history. The problem is that Shenhua was full of wounded soldiers at the time, and only one foreign aid appeared on the field. The defeat was disparately scored. In the end, Shenhua’s Korean coach Cui Kangxi rebuked after the game: "I don’t know what is the point of such a game. Wouldn't it be enough to give the trophy directly to Evergrande?"

在中国超级联赛的第一阶段,新闻轰炸最多的游戏是恒大4-1横扫神华。在这场比赛中,恒大向3名注册的外国球员提供了奖励,其中2名非血统归化,1名血统归化为“ 6名外国助教”。在11个首发阵容中,外国面孔超过了中国面孔。这是在整个超级联赛中。历史上的第一次。问题在于神华当时挤满了受伤的士兵,只有一个外援出现在战场上。失败得到了不同的得分。最后,申花队的韩国教练崔康熙在比赛结束后反驳道:“我不知道这场比赛的意义是什么。将奖杯直接交给恒大还不够吗?”

Cui Kangxi's dissatisfaction is mainly due to the disparity in the number of foreign aid and non-naturalized players between the two teams. In fact, in the second stage of the Super League, perhaps more coaches will feel the distress of Cui Kangxi.


It must be admitted that the advantages of Guangzhou Evergrande’s naturalized players are still very obvious. The “6 foreign aid” starter itself did not violate the Chinese rules at all, but this approach also seized the position of local players. The local Evergrande players who can speak Chinese on the court actually Behind 5-6, this also made some Chinese netizens and fans think that it is correct to want to win, but it is a bit ugly to eat.

必须承认,广州恒大入籍球员的优势仍然非常明显。 “六援”首发本身完全没有违反中国的规定,但是这种方法也抓住了当地球员的位置。在球场上会说中文的恒大球员实际上在5-6之后,这也使一些中国网民和球迷认为想赢是正确的,但是吃起来却有些丑陋。

In fact, after Cui Kangxi's angry rebuke, Evergrande never used "6 foreign aids" to start together, which somewhat calmed the controversy. However, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the competition will become more intense and the game will be more suspenseful. Once any team can use its outstanding performance to force Evergrande to play the trump card of "6 foreign aids", regardless of winning or losing, this team He has already reaped great success, even if he loses, he is still glorious.

实际上,在崔康熙的愤怒斥责之后,恒大从未使用“六外援”来共同发动,这在一定程度上平息了争议。但是,在中国超级联赛的第二阶段,比赛将变得更加激烈,比赛也将变得更加悬念。一旦任何一支球队都能利用其出色的表现迫使恒大打出“ 6个外援”的王牌,无论输赢,他都已经取得了巨大的成功,即使他输了,他仍然光荣。

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