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Premier League third round red and black list The war in the third round of the Premier League has subsided. This round of the game, the Tottenham Blues, Manchester City and other giants have lost their halves. Let's take a look at the performance of the players in this round! Red list! 1. Bowen (West Ham) Bowen, who once smashed all quarters in the British Championship, finally scored a Premier League goal this round. He scored two goals with a three-foot shot. The super-high efficiency helped West Ham United win the first victory. With Bowen's personal strength, it is not a big problem to gain a foothold in the Premier League. He hopes to shine in future games. 2.Carbinson (West Brom) No one thought that Chelsea would be in a tough fight as a guest at West Brom, and the vanguard who pushed the Blues into desperation was Carbinson. At the beginning of the game, he took the top spot with his superb shooting skills. Later, he swiftly stole the younger sister-in-law and went back to the next city. Unfortunately, Chelsea, after recovering in the second half, grabbed a little Carbinson under the leadership of Mount and others. 3. Dallow (Newcastle) The biggest contributor to Newcastle’s dramatic draw (the referee does not comment) is none other than Dallow. Under Tottenham’s breathless bombardment, Dallow contributed 11 vital remedies to force the team to continue. Life. Big Reds: Vardy The real "giant killer" Vardy, Vardy fully used his characteristics in this game, speed, impact, ability to make points, and the ability to handle the goal to the extreme, so that Guardiola suffered the biggest loss of goals. The grassroots legend will continue this season. Glory after defeat: Ma Xi (two consecutive rounds) Black list 1. Thiago Silva As a 36-year-old veteran who has passed his peak period, it is not easy to come to the Premier League to challenge himself, but he should not make such a fatal mistake with his full experience. Fortunately, it is still a period of adaptation. The mistake may be forgiven, hopefully later Can play a good role as a veteran and drive young players. 2. Cowdy The Wolves have always been a solid defensive team looking for opportunities to counterattack. Last season, they were the fifth-lowest team conceded in the Premier League and rarely had a record of major losses. West Ham United, who had not won a game this season, suffered a four-goal defeat. I cannot help asking what happened to the Wolves and how they were beaten as Huskies. The reason is not unrelated to the poor state of Caddy. All four goals conceded were scored in the coverage of Caddy's defense in the middle. I hope that after Semedo joins, the overall strength of the Wolves' defense can be improved. 3. Zhaka/El Nene In a guest fight against the Red Army, the gunners, apart from sporadic counterattacks to create threats, can be said to be completely defeated. The Red Army’s three goals were too easy. The reason is that Arsenal’s not tightly marking the players, but the main pot should not be the defense headed by Louis. It is also caused by the fact that the two delayed organization midfielders can’t do anything in the game. Unable to assume the transitional role of the backcourt like the frontcourt, he was overwhelmed by the press, and the defensive end was insufficient. However, the offense changed after Ceballos was replaced. I hope that the two teams will be confronted in the League Cup immediately, and the Gunners can change. Back Pot: Mendy In the last round of the game, Mendy just won. To be extreme, I feel that many top defenders have gone downhill after coming to Manchester City. Mendy has completely degraded. He can only complete a cross when he goes up, and he can't always return. This kind of player encounters persistence. Teams that fight anti-revolutionaries are time bombs. No wonder Manchester City buys a defender every year. Lie to win Maguire Keita

英超第三轮红黑名单 英超联赛第三轮的战争已经平息。在这一轮比赛中,热刺,曼城和其他豪门都输了一半。让我们来看看这轮比赛中球员的表现! 红名单! 1.鲍恩(西汉姆) 曾在英国冠军联赛中闯入四分之一决赛的鲍文最终在本轮比赛中攻入了英超联赛的进球。他以三英尺高的射门打进了两个进球。超高效率帮助西汉姆联赢得了第一场胜利。凭借鲍文的个人实力,在英超联赛中站稳脚跟并不是一个大问题。他希望在以后的比赛中大放异彩。 2.卡宾森(西布朗) 没有人认为切尔西作为西布朗队的客人会在一场艰难的战斗中,而使蓝军陷入绝望的先锋队是卡宾森。在比赛开始时,他以精湛的射门技巧位居og真人电子网站榜首。后来,他迅速偷走了那个小sister子,回到了下一个城市。不幸的是,切尔西在下半场恢复健康之后,在芒特和其他人的带领下抓住了一个小卡宾森。 3.达洛(纽卡斯尔) 纽卡斯尔戏剧性平局的最大贡献者(裁判没有评论)就是达洛。在托特纳姆热刺的轰炸中,达洛贡献了11项重要的补救措施,迫使球队继续前进。生活。 大红军:瓦迪 真正的“巨人杀手”瓦迪,瓦迪在这场比赛中充分利用了他的特点,速度,冲击力,得分能力以及将球门推向极限的能力,使瓜迪奥拉遭受了最大的失球。基层传奇将在本赛季继续。 失败后的荣耀:马曦(连续两轮) 黑名单 1.蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva) 作为已经过了巅峰时期OG真人厅的36岁退伍军人,来英超挑战自己并不容易,但是他不应该凭自己的丰富经验犯下这样致命的错误。幸运的是,它仍然是一个适应期。可能会原谅这个错误,希望以后能在退伍军人中扮演好角色并带动年轻球员。 2.考迪 狼队一直是一支稳定的防守团队,他们在寻找反击的机会。上赛季,他们是英超联赛中排名第五低的球队,很少有重大损失的记录。西汉姆联队本赛季未赢得任何一场比赛,但遭到四球失利。我不禁要问狼队发生了什么,以及他们是如何被爱斯基摩犬殴打的。原因与凯迪的糟糕状态无关。失球的全部四个进球均在卡迪的防守中得分。我希望在Semedo加入后,狼队的防守整体实力能够得到提高。 3.扎卡/艾妮 在与红军的客串战斗中,枪手除了零星的反击造成威胁外,可以说完全被击败了。红军的三个目标太容易了。原因是阿森纳队没有紧紧地标记球员,但主要锅不应该是路易斯领导的防守。这也是由于两个延迟的组织中场球员og真人电子网站在比赛中无能为力。由于无法像后场一样承担后场的过渡角色,他被媒体压倒了,防守端也不足够。但是,在替换Ceballos之后,进攻发生了变化。我希望这两支球队能立即在联赛杯中对决,枪手可以改变。 底锅:Mendy 在游戏的最后一轮,门迪刚刚获胜。极端地说,我觉得许多顶级防守球员来到曼城后都走下坡路。 Mendy已完全降级。他只有在上升时才能完成十字架,并且不能总是返回。这种玩家会遇到持久性。与反革命分子作战的队伍就是定时炸弹。难怪曼城每年都会购买一名后卫。 谎言赢得Maguire Keita

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