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Tiger Fighting, September 25, Roma officially held a press conference for new aid Pedro today. The Spaniard also introduced himself to Roma fans through the media for the first time.


"Today we officially introduced Pedro to everyone as a Roma player. When he agreed to join Roma, we were all very happy. Pedro has achieved success in many top leagues. Now he has come to Serie A again, which is our pursuit. The reason for him is that we want to sign a player who has both strength and a mentality of a winner. This is also the element we want to introduce to the Roma team. So I am very happy to be able to sign Pedro, one of his tasks in Roma. One is to pass on the successful experience in your career to the team and become a leader and mentor."


Next, Pedro’s turn for an interview


First of all thank Guido (Fenga) for his words of praise. I think the most suitable role for me in the current tactics is to appear behind the center forward. There are many players in Rome who can do this. I feel the best in that area. I can create space for the forward and also have the opportunity to enter the penalty area. In addition, I can also play on the flank without any problems. The coach thinks I will play wherever I am. My goal is to help the team win.


I think Roma is a good team. There are many young talents and experienced players like Dzeko and Mkhitaryan. This is one of the reasons why I chose Roma. I hope to achieve our goal this year, which is to return to the Champions League and build a strong team, perhaps even stronger than the team that made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League. I hope to build a winning mentality for Rome. , To fulfill the expectations of the club and fans.

我认为罗马是一支优秀的球队。有许多年轻的才华和经验丰富的球员,例如哲科和姆赫塔良。这就是我选择罗马的原因之一。我希望今年能够实现我们的目标,即重返欧冠并建立一支强大的球队,这甚至可能比进入欧冠半决赛的球队还要强大。我希望为罗马树立成功的心态。 ,以满足俱乐部和球迷的期望。

We are about to face Juventus, who has ruled Serie A for a long time, and will certainly have an extra sense of responsibility. We hope that we must be determined to win when facing all teams, including Juventus, and the Europa League. We have a winning mentality against all strong teams. We know that Juventus is a team. Very strong opponent, this is also a motivation, we hope to prove ourselves on Sunday.


I was very young at the time. I only played at the last minute of the game, but it was still like a dream. In the following memorial, I also played with Chelsea in this beautiful stadium.


The reason is the same as before. It is the desire to win. I know we are still growing, but the goal is very clear, which is to return to the Champions League. I think the strength of the team can enter the top four, even if it is only the beginning of the league. At this stage, we will get better and better, making progress one by one.


I know that he is our captain and a very high level player who has scored many goals. Our teammates are very happy that he can stay in Rome. I am especially happy because the team is complete with him. He is very hardworking and energetic during training. He is ready to help the team. I hope he will be there on Sunday. Can play.


If we want to win, we must make fewer mistakes. To play a good game, I know they are difficult to deal with. We must do our best on both offensive and defensive ends. Try to listen to the outside world as little as possible. heart.


They are all experienced players. Roma is undoubtedly a very young team, but these experienced players also add a strong attraction to the team. I am very lucky to be here and I want to borrow this time. Opportunity to thank everyone on the team and the fans for welcoming me. I hope I can repay you with my performance on the court.


My goal has always been to win, including training matches. Whether it is a draw or a loss, it will make me angry. So my goal is to win the league, the Coppa Italia and the Europa League. I know it is difficult, but the standard must be set higher. , If the goal is set to fourth place at the beginning of the league, you will end up in eighth place, and then you will accept the team's ranking.

我的目标一直是取胜,包括训练比赛og真人电子网站。无论是平局还是亏损,都会让我生气。所以我的目标是赢得联赛,意大利杯和欧洲联赛。我知道这很困难,但是必须将标准设置得更高。 ,如果目标在联赛开始时设置为第四名,您将排名第八,然后您将接受球队的排名。

I know the history of Italian football very well: the most important thing here is to find space. The Italian football environment attaches great importance to tactics, so you must have enough wisdom and be flexible on the pitch. The Premier League is not the same here. I just came to Serie A and I need to train harder and watch some Serie A matches, which will help me adapt faster.


The city of Rome is very spectacular and has a long history. I haven’t been to the city yet but I’ve become fascinated by the city. The people here are very friendly. This is another reason why I came to Rome. Now it’s my turn to give them back. Enthusiastic.


I think everyone on this team should believe in their own strength, believe that they can win those games, believe that they are a team that no one can underestimate, I think it depends more on our mentality, I will Bringing contributions on the court, but I hope we can build a united team, no one can win the championship on their own.


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