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   Article source: Yaoyu Go Official Account


   On September 29th, the quarter-finals of the 3rd Wu Qingyuan Cup World Women's Go Tournament were played on the Internet. In the most focused battle, Chinese teenager Zhou Hongyu defeated the South Korean women's second-ranked Wu Youzhen. Coupled with Wang Chenxing's black midgame victory over Japanese chess player Saki Mi. The four female players of the Chinese team successfully won the semi-finals and won the Wu Qingyuan Cup in advance.

9月29日,第三届吴清远杯世界女子围棋锦标赛四分之一决赛在互联网上进行。在最集中的战斗中,中国少年周宏宇击败了韩国女子第二名吴佑贞。加上王晨星在黑色中局击败日本国际象棋棋手Saki Mi的比赛。中国队的四名女选手成功获得了四强,并提前获得了吴庆元杯。

   Zhou Hongyu and Wu Youzhen had been in a stalemate before, but in the last key battle of this game, Wu Youzhen made a clear mistake in the countdown.


   On the contrary, Zhou Hongyu in the countdown was very calm and keen to catch Wu Youzhen's mistake, and after that he never gave the latter any chance.


   So how did this obvious mistake of Wu Youzhen occur?


   Let me share with you my thoughts:


   Picture 1: Let’s start with White 102. White 102 is the first mover. Black 103 must follow suit.


  The current situation of black and white is similar, and the focus of the situation is how much solid space can the formation formed by the echoes of the black upper left, lower left and center black chess pieces enclose?


   At this time, as a white chess player, it is necessary to invade in the A position, otherwise if the black chess is allowed to enclose a hand in the A position, the black formation on the left will enclose a solid space, and the white chess will definitely not be able to bear it.


   There is a goal, but where is the point of specific invasion? This is what Zhou Hongyu needs to think about right now.


   At this time, both sides of the game have entered the countdown stage, so which invading point will Zhou Hongyu choose during the one-minute countdown? Let's look at actual combat:


Picture 2: Zhou Hongyu chose White 104 in actual combat. This move does not seem to be a problem. However, when Black 105 has a small tip, White 106 needs to respond. The tip can compress the upper triangle position first). After black has this exchange, the white 104 piece leaves the weakness of the A position in the chess shape.

图2:周宏宇在实战中选择怀特104。此举似乎没有问题。但是,当Black 105的笔尖很小时,White 106需要作出响应。尖端可以先压缩上三角位置)。在黑色进行了这种交换之后,白色104片在象棋形状中离开了A位置的弱点。

   But it is estimated that Zhou Hongyu feels that the weakness of the A position is not severe, so he did not care about it.


   Indeed, if black directly impacts white at the A position, it is not harsh:


Figure 3: Black 1 flying out can cut off the connection between the white square and the upper white triangle, but below white 2 can connect with the white circle on the right, until white is 6 long, and black himself still owes the A position. Breakpoints cannot produce an effective offensive against White at all.


   So it’s impossible for Black 1 to come directly. Since the offense can’t work, can black defend the space?

因此,Black 1不可能直接出现。既然进攻行不通,黑人可以捍卫太空吗?

   Picture 4: Since the A-position directly impacts the white chess, it is temporarily not established, how about the black one and below?


Black 1 to Black 5 are very happy to see that there are a lot of real empty spaces in the black triangle on the left, but when White 2 to White 6 are empty on the left of the black circle, they step into the central black circle. The potential of the circle formation (marked by the circle) vanishes.


It can be seen from this that when the white triangle invades, if the black chess blindly defends the empty space, it will face a problem, that is, the "brother fight" between the black triangle on the left and the black circle in the center. Which side do you enclose? The other side was broken by the opponent.


   So Zhou Hongyu chose the White Triangle as the point of invasion and elimination, and there is her reason, as long as you directly attack me in A position, the conditions are not sufficient; and if you surround the empty space, it is not very good.


   At this time, as Wu Youzhen, she seemed to be a little confused between offense and defense.


   Picture 5: In the sound of the second count, Wu Youzhen played the extraordinary method of Black 107, and then Black 109.

图片5:在第二声中,吴友珍演奏了非凡的方法Black 107,然后是Black 109。

   These two moves are intended to entangle the white chess close to the body, in order to profit from the entanglement. They have a good idea and look very creative.


   But in this kind of key victory or defeat in the mid-to-back game, careful planning and rational calculation are often needed. However, the two moves of Wu Youzhen Black 107 and Black 109 are obviously lacking in success.

但是在中后场比赛中这种关键的胜利或失败中,经常需要仔细的计划和合理的计算。但是,吴有真Black 107和Black 109的两个动作显然没有成功。

   And this kind of lack of calculation method is right in Zhou Hongyu's arms.


   Because Zhou Hongyu is unique in his local entanglement and calculation. Even though Zhou Hongyu is counting the seconds like Wu Youzhen, which she hit without seeing clearly, she can still find a solution to the problem within one minute:


   Picture 6: In the face of Wu Youzhen's extraordinary means of black 107 and 109 (black triangle two sons), Zhou Hongyu responded very calmly during the countdown and quickly handed in a satisfactory answer sheet.


   White 110 hits first and then White 112 sticks. Before looking at the aggressive black chess, two obvious flaws were revealed at this time.


   White can play in the A position and punch in the B position. Black cannot prevent both flaws:


   Picture 7: If black 1 cuts off the return path above the white chess, after white 2 and 4 make a punch from the right, it is no longer a question of whether black can cut off the contact of white chess, but has all his own pieces in.


   Then if black 1 is to fill in the loopholes at 2 and 4?


   Picture 8: If Black 1 cuts off White's return to the right, White 2 can rush to find contact from above. If Black 3 is forcibly blocked, after White 4 and 6, Black will not be able to protect his three sons. So at this time there is no way for black chess.


   In fact, you can see that the changes in Figure 7 and Figure 8 are not complicated, and they are all black and concise. This shows that the two moves of Wu Youzhen's Black 107 and 109 (two black triangles) were nothing.


  Of course, Zhou Hongyu did deal with it calmly. The two moves of White 110 and 112 faintly resolved Wu Youzhen's offensive.


   Picture 9: Actually Wu Youzhen also realized her problem, but she has no regrets.


   Although the game cannot be ended for a while, the chess still has to be played. After Wu Youzhen calmed down, she chose Black 113 to let Zhou Hong and Yu Bai 114 contact him from above. This is already the best way for Black to play the game. Otherwise, if you rush out, the game will be over.

尽管游戏不能暂时结束,但仍然必须下棋。吴佑珍平静下来后,她选择了Black 113让周虹和Yu Bai 114从上方与他联系。这已经是Black玩游戏的最佳方式。否则,如果您赶时间,游戏将结束。

   After White 114 rushes, because black can't cut off white at A (the reason is mentioned in Figure 8), the third white triangle in the center is completely safe.


  At this time, there may be chess players who will ask: "It seems that there is no substantial loss in black chess?"


  It is true that black chess has neither dead chess nor loss of ground, but black chess has suffered a big loss in the exchange of sub-effects.


   Please note that after a series of operations by both parties, it is basically an exchange of the three white triangles and the black angle three.


   The three pieces of white chess have a great effect on the restriction of black chess from the left to the center, and the three black triangles have almost no value in the narrow and no real space in the center.


Therefore, after this series, black sees no real loss, but because white has almost unconditionally added three white triangles in the center, the potential of the black position from the left to the center, that is, the exchangeable field, is already invisible. In a substantial reduction.


   You have to know that the capital that black is proud of is the potential from the left to the center of the game. Now these potentials are gone, and it is too difficult to win.


   And black chess is equivalent to finalizing all the previously unknown places in the center, and then wanting to come back, there is nowhere to find it.


   Therefore, Wu Youzhen's black 107 move was the most important reason for her loss in this game.


   Picture 10: So let's go back to the time when Zhou Hong Yubai 106 was before. At this time, where should Wu Youzhen go?


   A-position direct impact is not enough, and B-position is a bit unwilling. Is there any better countermeasure for black?


   Picture 11: Black 1 Xiao Fei is recommended by Fine Art. This move seems careless, but it contains extremely deep skill.

图片11:黑色1小飞由Fine Art推荐。这个举动似乎很粗心,但是它包含了非常深的技巧。

   This move not only created conditions for the A position to cut off the white chess, but also laid the groundwork for the B position to defend the empty space:


   Picture 12: When black 1 flies, if white 2 continues to penetrate into the black array, and black 3 flies to cut off the white chess, the situation is completely different.


   Due to the response of the black 1 child, although the white 4 and below are rushing from the left to the right, they can no longer break out of the encirclement.


   So when Black 1 flies, White needs to consider his own back path:


   Picture 13: When the black triangle flies, if the white 1 is in sharp contact, then the black 2 flies to defend the surrounding air, the situation is different.


   Due to the existence of the black triangle, when white 5 wants to fly into the black array and make a big fuss, he is cut off by the black 6 to return home. At this time, the black triangle is shining.


   If white 5 cannot make it into the central black array, what black 2 surrounds is not just a corner of the triangle on the left, but the entire solid space from the left to the center. If black is really so close, it will be difficult for white to win.


   Picture 14: So Black 1 is a good move that seems leisurely but just right. It is also worthy of our study.

图片14:因此,Black 1是一个不错的举动,看上去很悠闲,但恰到好处。这也值得我们研究。

Generally, we are easy to think of either the A-position attacking the white chess, or the B-position defense. However, this move of the Black 1 Xiaofei provides us with another idea, that is, the conditions for attacking in the A-position are not enough, and the B-position defense If you are not reconciled, you can also hit the side of the black 1 side, which may lead to failure.

通常,我们很容易想到A位置攻击白棋或B位置防御。但是,Black 1小飞的这一举动为我们提供了另一种思路,那就是在A位置进攻的条件还不够,而B位置的防守如果你不和解,也可以打中黑色1面,可能会导致故障。

   Of course, after black 1, white will have corresponding means of resistance, but in general, white will be more reluctant.


   From this point of view, there was still a flaw in the position where Zhou Hong Yubai 104 (the first white triangle) invaded.


   How should that white 104 be invaded?


Figure 15: White 104 should be placed at the position of white 1 shoulder charge. This is an excellent point to invade and eliminate black from the left to the center. If black 2 is charged, white 3 will follow, so white 1 and 3 are basically on the right. The white triangle numbers keep in touch and are in absolute safety.


   As long as white 1 and 3 are safe, the deterrence and restriction of these two pieces on the black position from the left to the center is obvious, so how to enclose the black chess next will be a headache.


   In actual combat, Zhou Hong and Yu Bai 104 played in A position, revealing flaws, but afterwards, Wu Youzhen Black 107 not only failed to grasp the flaws of White 104, but also lost the game due to excessive force and haste.

在实战中,周虹和于佰104发挥了A的位置,显示出缺陷,但随后,吴有真Black 107不仅未能把握White 104的缺陷,而且由于过分用力和仓促而输掉了比赛。

   Although there is a reason for not having time to think during the countdown, Wu Youzhen still seems too impatient to lean on Black 107.

尽管倒计时期间没有时间思考的原因,但吴有珍似乎仍然太急躁,无法依靠Black 107。

After all, Wu Youzhen's situation at the time was not bad, not to the point where Black 107 had nothing to do with it. Although she could hardly see the good moves recommended by Fine Art in a short time, she was at least like Black 107. The trick to self-destruct the Great Wall cannot be made easily.

毕竟,吴有珍当时的情况还不错,没有达到与Black 107无关的程度。尽管在短时间内几乎看不到美术所推荐的好举动og真人电子网站,但她至少像Black 107一样。自毁长城的技巧不容易实现。

   And when Wu Youzhen made an instant decision, she did not take into account the technical characteristics of her opponent Zhou Hongyu, an important precondition. Zhou Hongyu's strengths are accurate local calculations and a good sense of local tendons. These two factors determine that she is better at close combat. However, Wu Youzhen rushed to take action when she had no success. For Zhou Hongyu, who is good at close combat and accurate calculations, although time is tight in the countdown, with her technical characteristics, one minute of thinking time is enough to make Wu Youzhen black 107 and 109 become a two-handed chess game.


   Therefore, in the game of Go, the opponent’s technical characteristics are also an important factor to consider when making decisions.


   Finally, congratulations to the Chinese women's team for taking the top four of the Wu Qingyuan Cup World Women's Go Tournament!


The Wu Qingyuan Cup has been held in Fuzhou for three times. I have also been invited to Fuzhou to watch the competition. All parties in Fuzhou attach great importance to this competition. It can be said that both hardware and software have been held with the highest specifications. Events. This time the Chinese team can dominate the semi-finals, which should be the best reward and thanks to all aspects of Fuzhou for organizing this event.


   The four female chess players in the photo are all capable and have the possibility of winning. There are also stories to talk about.


   But I still want to talk about Teacher Rui Naiwei the most.


   Rui Rui is 57 years old this year. He is not only active in the first-line arena, but also active in the semi-finals and finals of various cups. It makes people feel that her performance does not seem to match her age. I think this must have something to do with Mr. Rui's focus on playing chess without any distractions.


   It seems that age is not a problem. The question is whether you can concentrate on playing chess after a certain age. Seeing Mr. Rui's performance, I think I am still young.


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