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When the league restart was announced, the official agency took into account the players' physical reserves and introduced a system of five substitutions. As a result, just after training began, one vote fell. From Messi’s single training to Real Madrid’s three generals with muscle problems, three weeks after La Liga announced the restart, a total of 28 people were affected by injuries, of which 19 had muscle problems.


We must know that during the epidemic, these players who were kept at home were also taking fitness online classes. Why do they still have muscle problems after they are really engaged in training? Did you hang the class backstage? If they are not diligent in training, the problem that these players should have is decreased physical fitness or body shape changes rather than muscle discomfort. The players did exercise, but the disadvantage is that the body after exercise is a bit unsuitable for football, so today we will talk about the disadvantages of over-fitting.


The fitness program was first divided into seven schools. The fitness in our perception is mostly bodybuilding, comprehensive strength, and strength. Aside from professional bodybuilders, ordinary people’s fitness belongs to the comprehensive strength, even the pure strength. There are very few irons. The Wolves’ hottest winger Adama also receives comprehensive strength training. The remaining four are parkour, MMA, yoga, and Pilates.


Of course, projects that are at risk of injury like parkour and MMA need to be highly specialized, so fitness is further refined and promoted to the four main schools.


Bodybuilding (equipment training), single-joint muscle resistance training, the pursuit of greater weight


But the above is just to listen to your knowledge, don't ask when you go to apply for a card, because if you ask, people will be crazy about doing private education. If you can support your financial level and leisure time, and you are still a novice, it is also good to find a reliable personal trainer.


Comprehensive fitness is the most suitable exercise for football players, but this exercise only accounts for one day of the player’s training a week.


Shanghai SIPG coach, Cai Huiqiang, in the work "Solving the Ball", popularized the players' training for a week. The second day of the match day is the players' recovery training and self-adjustment. All days other than that, there are ball training, various tactical theory learning and practice, and the players go to the gym to exercise purely consciously.


But the players' enthusiasm is a bit too high. If the epidemic is unable to carry out ball confrontation training at home, then go to the gym more. In the process, their muscle strength has increased, but they have become unsuitable for playing football. For players, once the fitness intensity and duration exceed the usual exercise plan, the changes in the body's muscle tissue are excessive.


This is why most players who have no ball to play will not go to the gym to keep in shape, but will go to other clubs to train with the team, even the second team. Because no matter how scientific fitness is, it cannot play a decisive role in the level of personal football, and even a little carelessness will lead to excessive.


Too much fitness for football players is simply to gain too much muscle gain. You must know that many exercises in fitness are aimed at single joint muscle training, or the improvement of the overall large muscle group. Among the actions with obvious muscle gain effects, it is for playing football. This sport doesn't help much.


For example, elastic band opening and closing and forward and backward lunges are exercises that exercise the player's lower limb coordination and muscle control.


Even when doing the squat action shown in the figure below, Ramos uses a barbell squat with a small weight and can exercise the core strength of the abdomen instead of using a Smith machine to pursue heavy weight.


For example, Benzema will use boxing training to enhance the flexibility of the feet and the coordination of the upper limbs.


If the training volume is too large, it will be like Bell. Through sitting leg flexion and extension and heavy weight training of the thigh quadriceps, fast forward top and slow deceleration will fully stretch the muscles and increase explosive power.


Being obsessed with muscle exercises made Bell not only lose the dexterity of the past, but also increased the burden on the thigh muscles, causing repeated injuries.


When Bell debuted, his weight did not exceed 74 kg at most. Even the first two years of joining Real Madrid he only reached 75 kg. Now the Welshman's weight has reached 81 kg. After 16 years, Bell experienced 19 injuries, both large and small, of which 14 were caused by muscles.

贝尔出道时,他的体重最多不超过74公斤。即使加入皇马的前两年,他也只有75公斤。现在,威尔士人的体重已达到81公斤。 16年后,贝尔遭受了19种大小的伤害,其中14种是肌肉引起的。

Welsh people especially like golf. This sport is not easy at all. Tiger Woods's data for any game: "Complete the tee swing in 0.28 seconds, with an acceleration of 115 mph, 3 times the speed of the car; The gravity at the moment of touching the ball is 100 pounds; the angular velocity of the wrist is 1400/sec; the pressure on the injured left knee is 15 times its body weight."

威尔士人尤其喜欢高尔夫。这项运动根本不容易。老虎伍兹在任何比赛中的数据:“在0.28秒内完成发球挥杆动作,并以115英里/小时的速度完成加速,是汽车速度的3倍;触球时的重力为100磅;腕部的角速度是1400 /秒;受伤的左膝的压力是其体重的15倍。”

In his spare time, this high-intensity exercise made Bell's upper limb muscle strength soar, and at the same time his weight and girth increased. Bell's speed gradually slowed down, his thighs became heavier, the pressure on his knees or ankles increased, and he was injured. The probability of natural increase.


His former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo also faced such a dilemma. He was keen on fitness. The Portuguese weighed up to a career high of 85 kg. Not only did he lose his brisk running characteristics, he even appeared clumsy footwork in the game. When Zidane coached, Cristiano Ronaldo embarked on the road to weight loss, only after the 30-year-old Golden Globes two consecutive performances.

他的前队友克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)也面临着这样的困境。他热衷健身。葡萄牙人的体重达到了职业生涯最高的85公斤。他不仅失去了敏捷的奔跑特性,甚至在比赛中显得笨拙的步法。当齐达内执教时,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)踏上了减肥之路,仅在30岁的金球奖连续两场演出之后。

Pique, who had been on the same team with Ronaldo, started his muscle building journey after Guardiola left Barcelona. He increased from 79 kg to 84 kg. As a result, in 2013, he was overburdened by his thighs and missed the game. The Spaniard’s performance during the season was also catastrophic. Fortunately, the players later found a reasonable training plan. The technical style transformation succeeded at the cost of the older the younger the smaller the coverage.


Gary Neville once disclosed a day’s itinerary during his time as a player, of which only one and a half hours are used for fitness, an hour of aerobic exercise at 9 am and an hour of high-intensity resistance training at 12.30 noon, and 12:30. The relaxation of the ice bucket is very important.

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)曾经透露过一天的行程,其中只有一个半小时用于健身,上午9点进行一个小时的有氧运动以及中午12.30进行一个小时的高强度阻力训练,以及12 30:冰桶的放松非常重要。

The essential feature of muscle growth is tearing and regeneration. It is tearing during exercise and growing when it is resting. Eating and sleeping are particularly critical.


The football player’s match day itself consumes a lot of physical energy and muscles and requires physical intervention to achieve the recovery effect. Such a requirement is impossible for players to finish the game today. Tomorrow, they will be required to do 200 squats with a weight of at least 40 kg. Kind.


But when these players don't have the consumption of match days and have a lot of free time at the same time, they can only exercise. This process will inevitably lead to repeated use of muscle groups, and muscle groups need at least 48 hours to recover. Don't question those people who go to the gym every day. They practice different parts every time.


At the same time, football is a sport that pays great attention to small muscle groups. For example, the position of trapezius muscle is difficult to use in daily life. Even if your deltoid muscle is not strong enough, it will be very ugly to develop trapezius muscle. This muscle is needed to protect the head and neck, so football players have no necks.


If the player's small muscles can't keep up with the development of the large muscles, those subtle and extraordinary movements will stay away from him, and the players' movements will be uncoordinated, because the large muscles are too heavy and the small muscles cannot be balanced.


We must know that most of the exercises of fitness can not be used in routine life. Deadlifts, like the three major fitness items, are most useful when someone is pressed by a heavy object. Use the same principle to lift the heavy object; squat may be used when carrying your girlfriend, provided that you squat She is just enough to go down; bench press, maybe when she is under heavy weight.


These moves cannot be applied to life, let alone more flexible football, which is why many players learn Muay Thai or boxing, and the focus is on controlling their bodies. Mr. Bruce Lee said: "Where there is absolute freedom, there is art." The freedom he emphasized is understood in football. I want to pass you at this moment. No restraint can stop me. I am freedom.


Excessive fitness of players will indeed cause the above situation, but it is more of an impact on players' careers, and there are not many causes of serious injuries. After all, they are guided by professional coaches.


For ordinary people, there are two types of excessive fitness. One is the persistent discomfort of the muscles, such as soreness, heaviness, fatigue and other symptoms, which can even affect mood, weight, mental state, etc., but it is a minority. Remember to stretch after exercise, keep adequate rest and nutritional supplements to relieve. The second is revenge for fitness. A person who hasn't exercised for three months or even more than six months runs into the gym to challenge the limit. That is life-threatening. This kind of behavior is not desirable. Step by step is the best choice, but it should not be forever. In its infancy.


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